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The best travel games for adults

Updated on July 6, 2011

Revealing the best travel games for adults

Just about everyone has experienced the boredom that can come with travelling. Whether it be a long train or plane journey or an unexpected delay at the airport. Below we have reviewed ten of the best and most popular travel games for adults. Not just for the bored traveller these simple to learn and compact travel games are great for impromptu entertainment at dinner parties or taking to visit friends and families.

From simplified versions of classics such as Monopoly and Scrabble to family favourites such as Guess Who and Battleships. Included are some original ideas and newly developed travel games. Simply put, below is a list of deals of travel games for adults that has something for everyone.

Boggle Reinvention - travel game for adults

The classic word game Boggle has now become even easier to play. This version of the famous travel game is now contained in a sturdy plastic case with no loose parts that makes it perfect for playing on the move. Close the lid and give it a shake to mix up the letters, then make as many words as you can in three minutes. The built in timer softly beeps to tell you time is running out! As travel games for adults go, this is an unavoidable classic.

Guess who - Ageless travel game for adults

 Does he have brown hair? Does she wear a hat? Use any number of questions to eliminate the others and leave one face standing. Many people have childhood memories of playing the original version of the travel game. This practical version for two players comes with 40 face cards and a hard wearing storage case. With so many faces to choose from, every game will be different. A travel game for adults that will evoke memories from the past and entertain for hours.

Would you rather...? Hilarious, thought provoking travel game for adults!

 Would you rather live for a year with a bottle stuck on each of your five fingers for a year or have a bucket stuck on your foot? This travel game will offer the players an opportunity to discuss the preferable option between two bizarre options. To win you must accurately predict the other teams decisions through a variety of wacky alternatives. For a travel game that will help relieve the greatest travel boredom and provide a great icebreaker for new groups or parties.

Games compedium - Travel games for adults

For those that prefer a more relaxed classic game such as chess or checkers but cant decide which to take, this is the perfect choice. Six games included in one folding hard wearing case that doubles up as a board. Games include chess, checkers, backgammon, dominoes, cribbage and cards. Whether its to while away a long journey or to pass the evening time on relaxing holidays, this travel game for adults has something for every taste.

Rubberneckers - Travel games for adults

Many can be put off reading or playing games whilst travelling for fear of travel sickness. Yet this travel game actively encourages you to look out of the window and avoid illness. A travel game for all the family, rubberneckers has participants studying the passing scenery, trying to spot things detailed on the cards with differing point values for each item. Do you look for a hard to find high points object or pick off a few easier to find low value ones. Highest points total wins this exciting travel game.

Travel Scrabble Folio - Best travel games for adults

 By far the worlds most popular word game now comes in a reduced size just perfect for playing on the move. This version of the travel game comes in a handy zipped pocket, ideal for travelling and the click-in pieces and folding board means it can folded up and stowed mid game if necessary. For long journeys with many legs this is the perfect travel game for adults and families alike.

Some other great travel games for adults

Adult on board - travel games for adults

This fantastic book is a mine of interesting, fun and challenging travel games for adults and the entire family. From memory ans spotting games through to rhyming and singing games, it will have ideas for every travelling situation. The best bit about this collection of games is that, book aside, you will need no other equipment, making it great for travel on public transport or camping trips where space is at a premium. Overall a great option if you are looking for travel game for adults.

Star Wars Top Trumps - travel games for adults

 Indulge in a little guilty pleasure on your next travels. Top trumps is a classic game of attribute comparison that provides a strong level of competition, memory and countless combinations of battle and talking points. This exclusive combination of star wars themed top trumps make a fantastic travel game for adults or children. 4 different packs of characters can see you battle Anakin Skywalker against Obi Wan Kenobi  or Yoda pitted against Darth Maul.

Go, Pause and Play Travel Game for Adults

For most, monopoly may not seem like the ideal travel game with so many pieces and a long average playing time. yet the clever inventors of this version have got round both these problems to create a brilliant travel game. Clip on houses and counters and the addition of money clips this game becomes portable meaning you can stop and resume your game at any time without any arguments as to who had what!  Everything folds up into a 8inch x 8 inch plastic travel case incorporating a 3/4 size board. This truly is one of the best travel games for adults.

Classic Uno - Travel Games for Adults

 This colour coded card game has been a family favourite for years. The winner is the first to reach 500 points by getting rid of his cards before your opponents. its easy to learn, unpredictable and can be played by up to ten people. If you are looking for a travel game for adults and children alike that will provide hours of entertainment with no tricky rules to understand then this is as good as travel games get.


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