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The difference between good and bad game industry practices

Updated on June 30, 2015


What is it?

Additional content added to your game, often by the way of download. This is usually provided at an additional fee and expands the amount of content in game. This can range from a whole new story, weapons, cosmetic items and many more

The misconcetpion

Most people hold the belief that all dlc is a ripoff because you have to pay extra to add the content in the game. People often use the argument that it should have just been included to begin with. While their has been some sub par dlc and abuse of the system (the sims 3 had 26 dlc pack) it is not an inherently evil system, just in often misused one

The truth

Dlc can be a valuable tool for gamers. It extends the life of your game and gives you a reason to replay some of the games that have just been collecting dust for a while. It also isn't as new of a practice as people think and dates back to the Nintendo 64. It is an often misused practice with companies having dlc ready the day the game releases or charging extortionate prices to add core gameplay mechanics.That being said, consumer awareness is more important now than ever, and it is our responsibility to avoid the poor dlc and continue to purchase the dlc that is a real value instead of clumping them together in one category.


What is it?

Preordering is a system of putting down money on a game early in order to assure your copy of the game and also provides bonus in game or physical content for supporting the game before release.

The misconception

Their are several misconceptions about preorders but the biggest by far is that their is no point and you should just buy the game when it comes out. That argument is largely untrue and people who don't preorder tend to do themselves a disservice by missing out on free bonus content, some of which they may end up buying later anyway.

The next big misconception about preorders is stuff is just ripped out of the game for a bonus and without preordering all games would just include all the preorder incentives. This is also largely untrue. Though this has happened and still happens to this day, it is pretty rare and many incentives are made specifically for the preorders and would not be made otherwise.

The truth

Preordering is a good way for game developers to gauge interest on their product and get some money up front which they can put toward continued development on the game, and if a lot of people preorder they will most likely start on the dlc content around this time as that also takes months to create. When you don't preorder you tend to just be ripping yourself off by missing out on bonuses you would be getting for free.

As for content being taken out of the game for preorders, that is a pretty rare occurrence, and most preorder bonuses are made just for that purpose and gives game developers yet another way to market their product.

So are game developers evil?

In short, no they are not evil, they are businesses. I know there is a fine line their but companies have to make money and they want to make as much as possible plain and simple. It is a fact of life we all have to deal with unfortunately and it comes up in more than just gaming. People tend to get more flustered when business clashes with their hobby but if people can make a buck of it, they will. Not using dlc or preorder is just restricting your enjoyment of the hobby. Games are 60 dollars a pop, systems cost hundreds, and add ons run us a few more bucks, but at the end of the day gaming is a luxury, and if we are unhappy with that we can always just wait for a sale to come a long, or if you are really excited about a game 60 bucks isn't too much to ask for hundreds of hours of quality entertainment.

So be savvy about what you buy but don't let a few industry practices restrict your enjoyment of your games.

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