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The evil within DLC: The consequence part five (Walk through&Review)

Updated on May 10, 2015

The green Horror

Warning: Contain blood, violence, strong language, and a noob.

This review starts at the very beginning of the video attached in this article.

Start with being chased by the crazy monster in a pitch dark corridor, literally seeing nothing but green light. I forgot all characters in The Evil Within franchise have really bad stamina, so I was standing in front of the crazy woman and gasping for breath. If this happen in real life, I have no idea how am I supposed to go to school by walking only three to four steps and need to take a rest? Luckily I have limitless chemical lights (Which is unlikely to happen in real life), so I could struggle my best to evade the monster. (Under the circumstance not to throw the light to their head over and over again, which I kept doing.)

Am I blind?

Is it just me or it is really dark here... :o
Is it just me or it is really dark here... :o

Watch your feet~

I was glad to see the doorway with flickering light while fumbling in the darkness, thought passing through the door there would be brightness again. Unfortunately, it was all just a hallucination, the light goes off and my world return to darkness with dim green-light again. As the time passes, you start to get nervous and impatient, and this is a fatal error: Being impatient. Some players might start to run, or might get too lazy to check the environment carefully. Then here comes the surprise: a seriously deep pit awaits ahead. I believe some of you might fall in the pit if you didn't check the environment scrupulously.


So..... let's be honest. Did you fall? Please raise your hand if you did :3
So..... let's be honest. Did you fall? Please raise your hand if you did :3

Let there be light

It is common for people to feel uneasy, nervous, and suspicious while staying in dark places. Creepy sound came from ahead as I was walking in the darkness, then I started to get nervous and found it hard for me to sit straight. This is the sound effects working the magic, The Evil Within franchise always does a wonderful job on sound effects and soundtrack. Especially at this darkness environment, I believe developers wouldn't let this precious chance slip through their fingers.

It feels odd that I was glad to see a switch, I mean normally you wouldn't celebrate when you see a switch; people might consider you are crazy. But strong emotion and excitement welled up in my heart once I saw the switch which brought the brightness; Also I am surprised I could have such strong feeling for games. :)


Finally! Let there be light!~~
Finally! Let there be light!~~

Farewell.... My lovely green world

Searching in darkness with glowing green chemical light is lovely, but it is about time to bid farewell. Darn, I started to miss the tension I had in the lovely green world already. Yet, I didn't expect there's a bigger adventure awaited. I have to admit, walking in echoing corridors with high heels is really unsettling; this is also another great example of what good sound effect brings out. On my way back to the automatic door where the cat is at, I heard a desperate and hoarse scream; then I started to throw the chemical light frantically but saw nothing. Seriously, The Evil Within franchise does enjoy using sound effects to bring out the tension.

Suddenly I realized the reason why this environment gave me the creep, because the building is pretty similar to where we live. Compare to main story, where the protagonist struggled to survive is a village. And it doesn't make me feel really tense because I was thinking something like: Luckily I am not living in a village; this notion reminds you that this is merely a scene created in game. But contemporary buildings tell a totally different story, even if I put down the controller I would still imagine what if it happens in my house or something like that. (It's pretty much like the feeling after playing Fatal Frame 3 and 4 )

Stop being mysterious

Seriously, who's growling? Please don't be shy, just come out!
Seriously, who's growling? Please don't be shy, just come out!

Sneaky... sneaky...

The biggest difference I have noticed by now is there is scarce weapons you could use in DLCs. After all, the main story provides you various kinds of weapons to kill the monsters. So DLC choose a totally different playing style which heavily relies on your survival skills; for me, this is what a real survival horror is.

Speaking of survival skills, I came up to acquire an axe! A sneaky weapon means time to be sneaky. But once I just decided to be sneaky, I accidentally knock down a door and made a huge noise! What kind of being sneaky is that? Luckily I was still able to take down the enemy. In main story while I kill an enemy I felt nothing special, but in DLCs I felt great achievement while I finally took down my first enemy! :) Here is the another difference between the main story and DLCs.

Fix the damn door please

Oops! Should have called someone to fix the door first. :P
Oops! Should have called someone to fix the door first. :P

The evil within DLC: The consequence part two (Walkthrough&Review)

The Evil Within DLC: The Consequence

4.5 out of 5 stars from 2 ratings of The Evil Within DLC: The Consequence

Let's be honest

So did you fall into the pit while fumbling in the darkness?

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The Evil Within for 29.99$ only!

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This is my first time to make games reviews, so I believe there are a lot of spaces for me to improve. Plus English is not my native language, Mandarin Chinese is. I consider this as one of the methods to improve my English, hope you guys could leave some comments and let me know about your opinions. Thank you so much!~ :)


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