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The evil within DLC: The consequence part four (Walk through&Review)

Updated on May 5, 2015

The evil within DLC: The consequence part four review (Walkthrough&Review)

Warning: Contain blood, violence, strong language, spoilers and a noob.

This review starts at 11:30 of the video attached in this article.

Not only the mysterious atmosphere but also the story intrigue players, leading us to a deeper level of this enigmatic plot. The problem is even if I have finished the main story, till now I still have vague ideas about what this experiment is really about. (There is one possibility that I am too stupid to understand, or simply that about the story telling part this game needs to put more works into it). The only thing I know is it is something about messing with your brain, that's all.(And the project is called STEM) What's interesting for me is that you can see many files around the lab but without clear description of the project, this only intrigues me more and makes me want to know more about the project as well as the storyline; see how these details influence the story? Amazing! Hope next time while we are playing games we could take a good look at the environment and the design, I really love the concept and the design of monsters, environment, and atmosphere in this game. Also I show a lot of respect to those who design these wonderful environment, I am an artist as well. I love to write a lot of stories, and attempt my best to create cool environment like this game; this is one of the reasons why I respect these designers so much! You couldn't imagine how much effort and time they have devoted.

Once we get to the dark and creepy corridor, we need to get the power back; A little bit repetitive here, pretty much doing the same thing like last DLC. We can see behind the automatic door awaits the cute kitty cat and it only makes me want to get the power back on as soon as possible. Holding the flashlight and search for the power source in the pitch dark corridor, sounds familiar? It's pretty much a basic element most horror films or games have; guess one of the reason is because the dim light source makes us feel unsafe, and we start to concern what might jump out of the darkness; this is the best chance for jump scare. Luckily, as far as I know there aren't many jump scare in The Evil Within series. By the way the idea of calling the energy drink "Brain" is pretty suitable to The Evil Within, I could feel the tinge of humor in this. Oh! And... (spoiler alreat!) That vending machine is one of the award for you to explore around, see what surprises you would get from that machine.

Finally we come to the first jump scare part (might also be the last as far as I remember) and lose our flashlight, I know it might sounds cliché but it always work; loosing something reliable in horror games definitely makes players worry. But we get access to something fresh: chemical light, this is not the first time chemical light shows up in games but this idea is pretty fresh for me. At a pitch dark place throwing the chemical around to make our path clear, luckily it's not real life otherwise we are doomed for sure; I can guarantee you we won't have that many chemical light to throw. This is how video games are amazing, we can always fulfill something which we don't want it happen in real life. Think about it, if The Evil Within becomes reality; will you really survive all the ordeals?

OK, you might think those monsters lying on the ground and suddenly grab your feet as jump scare. I would love to make this clear, it was a jump scare for me in previous DLC; unfortunately, just because it happened in last DLC it's not a jump scare anymore! Because you see this coming, you are expecting this happen so it's not a jump scare anymore...And come on! If you have played enough games, when seeing corpses lying on the ground you definitely know something fishy is about to happen. :P

Don't you dare move! Wait there~~
Don't you dare move! Wait there~~
Sweet.... time for some green avdenture
Sweet.... time for some green avdenture
Oops... I just throw a light right at her face
Oops... I just throw a light right at her face

The Evil Within DLC: The Consequence (Walkthrough&Reviews)

The Evil Within DLC: The Consequence

4 stars for The Evil Within DLC: The Consequence

How do you like The Evil Within DLC: The Consequence?

How do you like The Evil Within DLC: The Consequence?

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This is my first time to make games review, so I believe there are a lot of spaces for me to improve. Plus English is not my native language, my native language is Mandarin Chinese. But I consider this as one of the vehicle to improve my English, hope you guys could leave some comments and let me know about your opinions. Thank you so much!~ :)


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