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The evil within DLC: The consequence part six (Walk through&Review)

Updated on May 18, 2015

No way out...

Warning: Contain blood, violence, strong language, and a noob.

This review starts at 4:40 of the video attached in this article.

The fact you could only use axe for one time compared to the limitless green chemical light seems ironic, I feel like I really love to emphasize the limitless chemical light. LOL

Anyway, a maze with many monsters really stress you out; for me it is pretty much like playing Packman, except those enemies are not as cute as those ghosts. Be honest with you, it took me several times to pass through the white hair monster (zombie?) with the lab coat. As if you suddenly became the character in World War Z, and struggled your best not to get caught by those zombies or whatever they are...

Maze it is the hell am I supposed to get out of here? the hell am I supposed to get out of here?

Back to the world of survival horror

Maybe I have mentioned this before but when it comes to searching locations, I am totally doomed. I get lost easily, always forgot where I came from and where to head to. Don't worry, I am improving :P. So, while playing The Consequence I gave Kidman an awfully bad time. Made her being chased by monsters and couldn't find the way back then get killed for several times. I was totally shocked by how stupid and blind I was when I saw there's a ladder just right next to me all the time and I didn't see it!

Alone with the magically limitless chemical light (mention this again...), I attempted to get back to where the kitty waited. "Please be patient....blah blah blah..." The lifeless monotone uttered by the machine while using the hand scanner really concerned me. It is pretty much like you start up your laptop and it says "Fixing error, please be patient." Then you will never see your laptop turn on again, that's right, it's just this bad! Anyway, I mean something bad is about to happen.

Even corridor can charm like a boss

Man! This corridor really gives you the creep
Man! This corridor really gives you the creep

Kitty Kitty cat...

Once there is a cat in video game, then this video game must be GOTY! LOL.. just kidding. Speaking of GOTY, unfortunately, even if I like this game a lot and this game has great potential; But it's just not GOTY for me back in 2014. OK, back to the game. To start with, let's talk about the design of the kitty cat. That glowing red ribbon intrigued me a lot! Who could have come up with such a cute idea? Especially in a survival horror game, that cute cat became my only solace, I treasure each time when I had the chance to play with the cat.

Since most of the games have auto-save, I rarely save games manually. But this is an exception, I saved my game for that cat! Each time while I was saving the game, I hate to stand up from the couch. First is I hate to bother the cat, second is I hope I could just sit on this couch forever. Why facing those scary monsters while there's an incredibly cute kitty cat resting on your laps?

Let's caress the cat together...

Can I please just sit here forever?
Can I please just sit here forever?

Silent hill crossover?

After caressing the cat till I am satisfied, I walked down the staircases and continued my survival-horror journey. On my way down to the lower ground I found a painting which emits a strong Silent Hill tinge, damn it! Now I miss Silent Hills even more. :( Why.... KONAMI, just why....? Until now I still have no idea why there's a silent hill tinge picture hanging on the wall, perhaps Sinji Mikami loves silent hill and wants to show his respect? What do you guys think?

Abrupt loud noise always work the charm in horror games, so I was startled as the white noise suddenly shows up. And this mysterious tall man in business suit showed up again, but I have to say this DLC doesn't really give you any stories or details about who he really is. It is kind of disappointing, after all he showed up many times, and seems like he has great potential to be an influential character. But the only one thing I have known by now is he likes to wear business suit; and still.... who the hell is he? What is his relationship to Kidman, her boss? Though there are some information from the collectibles, but still not enough! I want more! We, the players, want to know more!

Silent hill crossover

Pyramid head, is that you?
Pyramid head, is that you?

The evil within DLC: The consequence part two (Walkthrough&Review)

The Evil Within: The Consequence

4 stars for The Evil Within: The Consequence

Are you lost?

So... do you get lost in the game easily like me?

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© 2015 Wenlai KAO


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