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The evil within DLC: The consequence part three review (Walkthrough&Review)

Updated on April 30, 2015

The evil within DLC: The consequence part three review (Walkthrough&Review)

Warning: Contain blood, violence, strong language, and a noob.

This review starts at 5:30 of the video attached in this article.

Squeaky rusty door never gets old in survival horror games, do they? That squeaky sound always bring out the atmosphere, once we pass through the door we saw a flashback of the previous DLC story. This is probably in case for some players who hasn't played The Assignment, which is also a good DLC. We now can see Kidman is facing a predicament: To be or not to be? She knows her assignment is to bring back that pale boy who moans a lot, but once she does so; the badass boss would come back to the real world as well. (*spoiler alert) Which is the ending of the main story, judging by this I believe the possibility of a sequel is pretty high. By the way, I still don't know who that weird bald guys who's always talking about Ruvik is.

Speaking of the story of The Evil Within, I believe you would see a lot of players on the internet say the story is pretty complicated. In case of you get confused, there are several collectibles tell you more details of the story.(Though I am still confused.. :P) Again, the ward design is very detailed. Love how the ward is so shabby, and so many cracks on the wall; as if the room has abandoned for a while. Also the room, or be more specific, the world we are staying in reflects Ruvik's shady past and thought. There are so many metaphors in the game which I appreciate a lot, for instance, at the room where you found Leslie you see a paint of sunflower on the wall. And if I am correct, sunflower symbolizes Ruvik's memory which means Leslie is under Ruvik's supervision. @@ (My personal perspective though...) And when we get to Seb's ward we see his past (the main story), and Kidman knows he's still trapped in this world as well.

Also the environment shows some controversy, such as when we finally leave the hospital we get into a room full of televisions; but the hospital feels like it's from the 70s! Feel like we are the time travelers who suddenly travel from the past to modern age; I really love this transition! Also you learn more about the story line from watching the TV, after all this is DLC. For me, DLC is the extra content for telling you more details about the main story. And these two DLCs are doing exactly what I expect. Not only us but also Kidman is learning the truth from the world of Ruvik. Then we step into the world of modern technology, first we get to a place like a business building then we step to somewhere like a laboratory. This view teases our brain pretty much because we are still used to the 70s old hospital environment.

My habit of playing games, especially survival games, is exploring. As you can see from my game play, I keep examining each corners for supplies or items. Even though I didn't expect any supplies from this DLC, also it's a good habit to appreciate the environment which designers design. I have to be honest, I still can't get used to the control of this game. Don't know it's because of the low frame rate laggy feeling or what, I always have to increase the sensitivity before playing The Evil Within series; which I don't have to do so in other games. Before leaving, I would love to give you guys another fun fact: Ruvik this name, does it ring a bell to you? That's right! His name is derived from the Rubik's cube. Because the producer or director (Sinji Mikami I guess) thinks this name is appropriate for Ruvik's wisdom, which also makes you think he's a very smart character and he sure is!

The evil within DLC: The consequence part one (Walkthrough&Review)

Nice start menu don't you think?
Nice start menu don't you think?
It's rare to see such bright room in The Evil Within series.
It's rare to see such bright room in The Evil Within series.
Awesome~~ I love puzzles~~~ But....
Awesome~~ I love puzzles~~~ But....

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The Evil Within DLC: The Consequence

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