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The evil within DLC: The consequence part two review (Walkthrough&Review)

Updated on May 5, 2015

The evil within DLC: The consequence part two review (Walkthrough&Review)

Warning: Contain blood, violence, strong language, and a noob.

This review starts at 1:45 of the video attached in this article.

Begin with one of my favorite element of survival-horror game: puzzle. Be honest I love this game but I am pretty disappointed in the puzzles of The Evil Within, they are way too easy. Not trying to suggest that I am smart or what, oppositely, some idiot like me can even figure out the answer real fast proves that the puzzles are real easy. Like solving the safe at the beginning, I was thinking this might be a very complicated design and I ponder over it for a while. When I figure out the answer (*spoiler alert) is simply written on the wall, I was like... seriously? = = It's as easy as copy and paste! Not only this puzzle but all the puzzles in The Evil Within are easy.

Forget that disappointing safe puzzle, let's get back to the game. I do love the concept of the environment, it might be difficult for you to imagine how hard it is to create such environment; but imagine this: Now I give you a piece of blank paper and say "Hey! Create a world of survival horror for our new survival horror game The Evil Outside(for example :P). What would you create? And how will it take you to create such a fabulous world? Next time when you are playing a game, be thankful for the world the game designers create for us. :) Once we push open the squeaky heavy door, we reach a familiar place and meet a familiar person (If you've played The Evil Within main story), without explaining we know what we need to do is explore the place. At this point I realize even if it's the same hospital but feels like this place is created for each person, different characters see different things at the same place. Also it suggests the stories are related, I have to say the stories of DLC and the main story are well- entwined. It's pretty much like playing Ada and Leon form the RE series (After all these games are created by the same creator)

Once we go through the back door, we hear a soothing classical music (BTW, it's Debussy clair de lune and you are welcome). I find this point powerful and intriguing, normally when we hear a soothing classical music we are supposed to let our guard down and relax. But interestingly, when we hear this music we start to get nervous instead; we are expecting something unnerving is about to be seen. Which means sound effect (Or soundtrack) in this game and point works like a charm. But when I get close to the source of the classical music, I saw a cute kitty cat with a glowing red ribbon. (nice design btw). I was thinking: Hmm... maybe I am wrong this time? Nothing bad is going to happen, right? After all this cute kitty cat is here... Then, bang! I was deceived! Once you take a step forward, you hear a creepy weeping then my worst nightmare emerge: The lighthouse head lady with slender legs on high heels stare at you, which gave you the goose bump immediately. After that everything went dark (No... the kitty cat's gone too~), then Kidman sees her boss once again; who's briefly explaining Mobius to her (Actually to us, the players.) The way he disappears with that sound effect is really powerful! Which reminds you he is an influential character.

Lastly, when you went back to the counter and talk to the nurse. Man, her mechanic dialogue really gives you the creep; this reminds me the person who designs these dialogues really put a lot of effort into it; not like those cheesy dialogues in RE1. Before finish this article, I would love to give you guys a fun fact: At the very early stage the nurse was designed as the merchant; That's right! just like that "merchant" in RE4, and they look pretty similar. Then when this game reach the final stage, the producer (Probably Sinji Mikami) found this inappropriate so they cancelled it and the electric chair take the job as the "merchant" instead.

There are still many games waiting for me to review, hope you guys like my reviews. Well... just started it so it might seems inexperienced. But will definitely try my best to make my game review splendid!~ :)

The evil within DLC: The consequence part two review (Walkthrough&Review)

The Evil Within DLC: The Consequence

4 stars for The Evil Within DLC: The Consequence
That's the atmosphere I love...
That's the atmosphere I love...
Damn you kitty!~~ You betrayed me TT
Damn you kitty!~~ You betrayed me TT
Come to think of it, has this nurse ever worked?Or simply walking around...
Come to think of it, has this nurse ever worked?Or simply walking around...

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This is my first time to make games review, so I believe there are a lot of spaces for me to improve. Plus English is not my native language, my native language is Mandarin Chinese. But I consider this as one of the vehicle to improve my English, hope you guys could leave some comments and let me know about your opinions. Thank you so much!~ :)


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