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The five best nintendo wii accessories!

Updated on June 23, 2011

Why buy Nintendo Wii accessories?

 If you are already the proud owner of a Nintendo Wii then you'll certainly be interested in what we have chosen as being the five best Nintendo Wii accessories. Not only have we picked and tested for you what we feel are the best game enhancing Nintendo Wii accessories, we have tracked down the best prices available on the Internet. All the offers we have found also have great independent reviews and postage rates.

Simply put, if you are looking for either a gift or a self-indulgent Nintendo Wii treat for yourself then our top five Nintendo Wii accessories should appeal to you. Included are Wii accessories to improve the experience of specific games as well as Nintendo Wii accessories that will improve your Wii set up and overall user experience.

Dance mat accessory for the Nintendo Wii

 Its been over a decade now since the first dance mat arcade games got the game playing fraternity hooked in arcades all over the world. Now it is possible to play your favourite Nintendo Wii dance games on your own dance mat. This anti-slip, easily stored dance mat is a great way to add to the excitement of your dance games whilst keeping you fit at the same time.

The Motion plus add-on for Nintendo Wii

 For the true Nintendo Wii enthusiast it is essential to try out the benefits of the motion plus Nintendo Wii accessory. There is now a range of games for the Nintendo Wii designed to be enhanced by the power of motion plus. Adding extra sensitivity to your Wii controller, they can now interpret even the slightest movement and reflect it in the gameplay.

Nintendo Wii Sports Resort is a brilliant game for the motion plus controller. Allowing Swordplay, Frisbee, cycling and wake boarding among others to be played to a more realistic level than previous achievable. In researching motion plus we have failed to find a single truly negative review of this new technology and with such success, the range of compatible games is sure to increase.

Aerobics step platform for nintendo Wii

Aerobics Step Accessory For Nintendo Wii Balance Board

 There are several aerobics games for the Nintendo Wii which are fantastic for helping keep you in shape including those that come with the Wii Fit Plus game and balance board. This three inch step fits perfectly under your balance board to raise it to a total height of four inches, in line with most typical aerobic steps. This one of several fantastic fitness based Nintendo Wii accessories that are significantly cheaper than a gym membership!

Nintendo Wii Charge Station

 You know the score right? You come in excitedly with your friends for a session on the Wii just to find that the batteries have gone flat! That doesn't matter because you know you have some spares somewhere right? All you have to do is find them....maybe!

Well now you don't have to bother with those fun-interrupting battery hunts or trips to the shops. With this Nintendo Wii accessory charge station you can leave your controllers in their docking station in between each session to ensure that your Wii is ready to play whenever you are.

Skateboard/Snowboard Accessory for Wii

Skateboard/Snowboard Accessory for your Nintendo Wii balance board

 If you have tried any of the Nintendo Wii boarding games then you'll know how fun and intuitive they can be as your balance board becomes the skateboard or snowboard in the game. Well now you can have increased realism with this real size skateboard that clips onto your balance board to give you a more realistic and intuitive experience. Compatible with any skateboard or snowboard game on the Wii, its the one Nintendo Wii accessory that you simple cant do without.

Cheap Nintendo Wii games

 If you are interested in finding some of the best and importantly cheapest Nintendo Wii games on the Internet, then you may be interested to read our guide to cheap Nintendo Wii games.

Other Fantastic Nintendo Wii Accessories


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