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The fun of doing storytime

Updated on November 16, 2013

As a child, I can remember a few story times that my parents have taken me too. They were fun and they made a difference in my childhood. Then I got a job at the library and saw how much fun the children had just hearing a good story and doing a craft. The way the parents would take pictures of their children just doing the crafts, made me smile.

When I first started working at the library, I didn't think that I would ever be doing story time. I would see the other ladies reading to the children and just to see the way they interacted with all those children made me smile even though I wasn't reading to the children. Now that I am doing story time at the library that I work at, I can see how those ladies felt when they did the story time.

Reading to the little babies has made me realize that deep inside me, there was always a story time reader deep inside. Having helped before with making crafts, it was fun in some way. However now that I am having to choose crafts and making them for who I consider, my little babies in a way of speaking, they are sure fun to make. Somehow, I feel that I have connected a little bit more with the babies and parents that come to hear the stories that have been chosen with care. Then just to see them dance and sing to the many songs that are played makes me smile because they are learning even if they are just babies.

Everyone is able to do story time deep inside, whether we know it or not. We may not do it with a large group of children but even as we read to children at night as parents, we all can have our own story time. I know that I sure enjoy it very much, especially finding out that deep inside, I am able to read to a group of children and make them smile.

Do you take your children to story time?

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