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The History of Mortal Kombat

Updated on May 30, 2015

The history of MK fatalities!

Raiden Wins!


The beginning times:

Imagine playing as Raiden the God of Thunder and decapitating someone's head off. Watch the blood pour out of the once attached head hole.Watch as it rolls down the screen and scream "Holy shit that was awesome."

Fatalities, babalities and friendships are apart of Mortal Kombat.

There has been a lot of talk about a new game called Injustice Gods Among Us. Now Ed Boon the ex-Midway developer made this game. What is unique about Injustice God Among Us and Mortal Kombat is the fluid combat system. Both games feature fluid combat systems most likely designed by Ed Boon's advice.

Netherealm Studios:

Netherealm Studios a few years ago made Mortal Kombat. This was to be the re-boot, it had seemed that other new Mortal Kombat's had fallen by the way side. They went into an entirely different direction. Instead of hammering out the idea of developing a sustainable engine for 2-d, they charged along into 3D. After going and ho-humming along Midway at the time decided to do something different. Rather it was then Ed Boon the Mortal Kombat grandfather that decided to take his years of experience and found Netherealm Studios.

It is beautiful to think of the fighting industry as a whole. A large scale scope takes us to Tekken and Street Fighter and Soul Calibur. Mortal Kombat has been always known for fatalities. And god damn if that doesn't boil up the blood with heart pumping adrenaline. The game Mortal Kombat I have never played. And it is bad to use I here because it is still an experience but it seems like the wrong time. Anyway, Mortal Kombat was so good the fighting community lauded it into the competitive fighting scene. Which really makes me happy because as a young child I loved the violence and oh so over the top blood. I have grown with the games as I have gotten older. The detail of gore is immeasurable because of how beautiful it is.

No I am not Ed Gein but I do appreciate blood:

No I am not Ed Gein but I appreciate Mortal Kombat for what it did. The original Mortal Kombat was a mistake. Yes, and no you're not a mistake that your parents made. This was a mistake because it was meant to parody other fighting games of the time. Mortal Kombat was one of the most brutal fighters of it's time. Why do I love it so much. The idea that they could make a bloody and violent game fascinated the hell outta me. Blood and guts and kick-ass fatalities and live actors. They used live actors in the original Mortal Kombat. In gaming this is considered damn unique because of the time period. Now a days everything has a gorgeous engine that makes for incredible graphics. Just the idea of a movable person with beautifully drawn animation is incredible. In Mortal Kombat the re-boot the facial damage is exquisite. Oh and the X-Ray special attack is incredible. With bone breaking hits to the sternum in X-ray mode every hit is more gruesome than the last. And if that's not enough the shattering and cracking sound makes your head jerk back. The sound is pretty sufficient given the anger and breaking that's on screen. It was wise of Netherealm to take MK to its sufficient and beautifully bloody roots.

And now for some knowledge from game writers: As I love to follow video games I wondered what legit game sites had to say about the game. Game Informer is a true source for gaming news, so I started my search there. In all of the bloody mess was a 9.5 that Game Informer had presented. A 9.5 in Game Informer is beyond incredible because a 10 is perfect. When Boon was at Netherealm apparently he went back to the drawing board. What did GI like about it?

According to Game Informer's Andrew Reiner "Mortal Kombat isn’t a mere throwback to the series’ arcade glory days. Sure, it places combatants on a classic two-dimensional plane, recycles Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3’s roster, ventures back to the series’ most iconic arenas, and gives that odd fellow who yells “Toasty!” another job."


It sure as hell must have been toasty for Boon and Netherealm because of how he did it. Going back to what made a fighter a fighter. They didn't need any fighting styles. They didn't need Jade's bo staff, they didn't need Scorpion's sword. All they needed was the roots. This time they weren't bloody. They needed solid fighting game play. They needed Boon the MK vet to save what MK was. They succeeded as evident in the GI review.


Mortal Kombat the original's were beyond its time in violence. It had shaken up not just the video game world but the press. What were they to think of this ultra-violent fighting game. Well, they responded with the ESRB ratings. The game was mature for its time that it got a fucking Mature rating. A board was bread from the very depths of MK. I think just from playing the games that the Fatalities were the reason. Sure, Liu Kang would iconically bicycle-kick Sub-Zero and blood would pour out, but the fatalities drove the game down the public's throat, the gamer's throat.

Never before was a game so rudimentary violent.

In the re-boot Mortal Kombat Netherealm stuck with the same formula. The new MK has the most gruesome and grotesque fatalities. And if you're not enthralled or happy with glee about it , this game isn't for you. Hyper-violence is a beautiful thing in video games. It exists as a portal to somewhere else.

And it sure as hell doesn't exist in Outworld.

We have become so fixated on chastising video games. That is wrong. Mortal Kombat is violent for a goddamn reason. It is meant for a mature audience. It is meant as art and to be looked at in great awe. Boon understands that Mortal Kombat is a fantasy lived out on the console. Video game designers need to exist to test the very fabric, essence and otherwise beauty of the games they make. Video game designers make a game they like. It is unbelievably inherent about the new Mortal Kombat. The original challenged society in more ways than one.

It is a brutal fighter and I love it. Mortal Kombat needs to exist just like water. For I thrive off of fake violence, it quenches the thirst we all have in cathartic way. Challenging society is always funny because the thought is video games do it. Grand Theft Auto is not a fighting game but it sure as hell caused the media to jump into unnecessary hysteria.

"Fatality!", is a word that will be echoed throughout the ages. Hearing that word will forever make me think of my childhood. It is a word that after all shaped fighting games forever.

"Get over here.", is a good one too.

Get over here!

Finish Him!


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