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The New Heart of the Swarm Zerg Units

Updated on December 6, 2012
The New Locusts in Action!
The New Locusts in Action! | Source

The New Heart of the Swarm Units - Updated!

This is a hub dedicated to providing up-to-date stats on new HOTS Zerg units as well as the common uses of these new HOTS units in high-ranked games.

Stats will be updated as soon as the good people at Blizzard entertainment changes them in-game.

Abilities and Unique Upgrades

Spawn Locusts - No energy
Spawns two temporary locusts that last for 15 seconds . This ability is automatically on autocast.

Enduring Locusts Upgrade

  • Effect: Increases the temporary lifespan of locusts to 25 seconds from 15 seconds.
  • Cost: 200 gas, 200 minerals
  • Time to research: 120 seconds
  • Research building: Infestation pit

Swarm Host

Life: 160
Armour: 1
Movement speed: 2.25 (+0.67 on creep = 2.92 total)
Energy: n/a

Build time: 40
Cost: 200 minerals 100 gas
Requires: Infestation pit

Swarm Hosts do not deal any damage at all but produce Locusts endlessly:

Life: 65
Armour: 0
Movement Speed: 1.88 (+ 0.75 on creep = 2.63 total)
Energy: n/a
Damage vs ground and air: 12
Attack speed: 0.8
Weapon range: 3


Abduct- 75 energy
This ability takes a chosen unit and drags it towards the viper. This works up an down cliffs and also on your own units (including borrowed units), allowing you to pull units out of poor positions as well as take important enemy units (like siege tanks and collosi) into your main army.

Whilst a target is being dragged it loses the ability to attack and if it was burrowed it will burrow again after it is finished being dragged.

Blinding Cloud - 100 energy
Produces a clouded area of 2 where anything inside of it has its range reduced to one. The effected units in the cloud are not poisoned and can leave the cloud to fire at their normal range.

Consume - No energy
Generates 50 energy at the expense of 200 damage to a selected building. Does not target creep tumors.


Life: 120
Armour: 1
Movement speed: 2.95
Acceleration: 3
Energy: 200

Damage vs ground: n/a
Damage vs air: n/a
Attack speed: n/a
Weapon range: n/a

Build time: 40
Cost: 100 minerals 200 gas
Requires: Hive

Now with burrow charge!
Now with burrow charge! | Source

The Buffed Ultralisk

In Heart of the Swarm, the ultralisk has been given a new ability to make it more viable in matches.

  • It causes the ultralisk to burrow underground and then tunnel at a movement speed of 3.75 to then burst out of the ground and cause its attack damage (including upgrades) to nearby units.
  • This ability is called burrow charge.
  • It is researched in the ultralisk cavern.
  • Cost: 200 minerals and 200 gas.
  • Time to research: 130 seconds.
  • Cooldown 30.
  • Note: Vision to where the burrow ends is not necessary.

This ability allows the ultralisk to get into the middle of a battle without having the problem of other units blocking its way. This makes the ultralisk more viable since their immense size does not effect their ability to be useful as they often did in WoL.

Locusts and Banelings

Locusts and Banelings working as one. Click to enlarge.
Locusts and Banelings working as one. Click to enlarge. | Source

Uses of Each Unit - Swarm Host

The Swarm Host has become a strong staple unit for the Zerg because it is both economical and strong, giving Zerg a great method for map control.

Swarm hosts can be used in conjunction with units like hydras and Banelings to tank damage for free whilst high damage output units inflict their own.

They're also very useful in defending, providing a shelter of units whilst you hatch more units.

Frustratingly for protoss especially, they're an excellent way of locking down routes and forcing your opponent to take a less desirable one (usually longer) instead.

Lastly, they're an excellent siege unit to finally push and finish your opponent.

Uses of Each Unit - Viper

The viper has a clear support role in all match ups and will undoubtedly stay that way, having no directly damaging function in battle.

A few viper's to grab collosi, tanks and the occasional swish abduct to save your own units will remain its primary function in the game.

Versus Terran bio the blinding cloud has become almost a sort or zerg-psionic storm, making Terran players conscious about being clouded: forcing many retreats and splitting as well as making the Terran micro out of clouds.

An additional but not yet seen technique would be to cloud certain areas on a map to prevent an engagement - so that if engaged, Terran would compromise its concave and positional advantage.

Uses of Each Unit - Ultralisk

The ultralisk is not commonly seen in any match ups at the moment probably because most players are still playing very much how they did in WoL or using much more obviously powerful tactics (like mass swarm hosts) instead of massing ultralisks which many players are still afraid of using despite the new ability.

More use of the ultralisk will be expected as the game progresses, with its powerful new ability being put to its full use against Terran bio and Protoss clumps.

Your Opinion Please

Which is your favourite new Zerg unit?!

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See the viper in action!

Most Recent Zerg Update! #8

  • Hydralisk speed upgrade now requires Lair tech.
  • Mutalisk - Speed increased from 3.75 to 4. Acceleration stays at 3.5.
  • Swarm Host health increased from 120 to 160.
  • Viper health increased from 120 to 150.


  • Fungal Growth:
  • Is now a projectile.
  • Speed of the projectile is 10.
  • Range down to 8.
  • Infested Terrans no longer gain weapon and armor upgrades.
  • Infested Terran egg health down to 70.


  • Burrow Charge has been removed.
  • Damage changed from 15+20 armored to 35 flat damage.

What do you think?

Do you agree or disagree with the recent update?

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