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The problem with the gaming industry and I have the solution

Updated on July 6, 2016

Problems and Solutions

It is known that with every business or industry there are problems that could cause huge problems to the point of near extinction or in some cases, extinction. With this being said, the video gaming industry is one that is not safe from this problem. Yes, we have many consumers under this industry, but that's not the only thing that we are dealing with. I came across and article the other day that gave 5 reasons why the video game industry is about to crash. The link for this article will be listed at the end of the page for you to click on and read more about. Here are the 5 things as basic as they can be: 1.We put people who don't know anything about gaming in charge of the industry/ companies. 2.Budgets have gone insane and that is making innovation almost impossible to achieve. 3.The publishers are gaming the review system- According to this article, the big game titles these days do not get the scores they deserve like they use to. 4.You're always flying blind - This concept is described and well explained and everyone can relate. 5.The industry is extremely exploitative and its driving away talent. Now here are my solutions in order of how they were listed about and in the end solving the problem of the gaming industry as a whole. 1.I think they could solve this problem by utilizing game developers and testers within their companies already and training them up on to be the big dog in the business. 2.To solve this problem about budgets will be a little difficult. 3.I think that this one is a easy fix because instead of having the usual reviewers and what not, just let the actual consumers give the reviews. 4.If this problem is affecting the gaming community a lot, then we have bigger problems than we think. 5.To get a game out, there has to be this time where everyone is rushing to get things done. Solving problems is always the first challenge in having them. Sometimes we can make a difference and other times, we can't do anything. In case of the gaming industry, we can do something because we are the people that make them the profits! If you think about it, they only keep running because of us, not people who review games for a living or the people who really even run the companies. We are a power and we can make a change!


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