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The rise of video-gaming as a money making phenomenon

Updated on January 22, 2016
People attend this tournaments in the thousands!
People attend this tournaments in the thousands!

$26,726,942.12 awarded since 2010!

Crazy right? what started as a modification for an already existing game, has become one of the hottest and more financially successful products in any form of media, people where playing this with their friends or trying to achieve a status in community for fun! just for fun! Now it's been taken a lot more seriously than any sport in countries like south Korea and China, 334 million people watched the "One World Championship", a global scale tournament hosted all throughout Europe! And the numbers keep growing, every year even more people feel attracted to this genre of games, people from all ages, older generations, and even a growing number in the female demographic, in some places this money making virtual battleground champions are idolized as much as any movie or sports superstar, and make as much money.

Top players earnings

Player ID
Player name
Lee, Sang Hyeok
Bae, Seong Ung
Gu Seung Bin
Heo, Won Seok
Cheng, Bo Wei
These are the five players who have earned the most until now,

There are players all around the world, but the asian teams are the most well renown and acclaimed because of their skill and dedication to the now called "e-sport", as stated before, Asiatic culture has accepted very openly this new form of entertainment, as it has made millions in cash prices and publicity, there are a lot of people embracing video games as a social activity and as a way of paying the bills, a lot of kids even leave school to dedicate full time, not only in Asia, but everywhere around the world.

The subject of choosing professional gaming as a career is very controversial, and a lot of people show discontent with the idea in many countries, for the kids is a dream come true, and a golden opportunity, one of a lifetime, often making naive and desperate decisions just to be able to have a chance

They prepare themselves for victory!

Every young gamer will find one way or another that the only way to get anywhere close to their dream is practice, as stated before, a lot of people is willing to drop out from school to live their dreams and dedicate full time to a dream job, some countries offer boot camps and gaming houses, places where one can spend 24/7 gaming, practicing to get good enough to face the big leagues, players that start to make a name for themselves can get sponsorships from companies that have some influence in gaming media and/or products, promoting players and paying them for publicity to their brand, once again, just like in any other sports community, competition is high and rough, the percentage of people that make money out of it is small, and the number of gamers that suffer just from the pressure of making it is abysmal. It's really hard to get in, and maybe even harder to get out, a hard reality.

In places like the Philippines the are a lot people trying to become pro, very rarely they succeed.
In places like the Philippines the are a lot people trying to become pro, very rarely they succeed. | Source

And even knowing the heartbreaking truth, millions of people keep trying everyday, in the past 15 years a female gaming community has arose from what use to be a male predominant form of entertainment, a lot of female cyber athletes are popping up everywhere, and maybe someday will play an important role, that being said, the community faces a lot of discrimination against minorities, that will be another subject for another hub, but still, it is a problem that thankfully has been decreasing over time, rapidly these last 3 or 4 years, as gaming has lost part of it's taboo reputation, a now more accepted form of entertainment in society and common in households everywhere.

In the end

The "E-sports" phenomenon has a place in society now, and you're not gonna become rich out of ti just because you like video games, It really hard to get anywhere with it, and requires a lot of passion and constant practice, but be warned, threat it like a business and you'll probably stop having fun with it, I'll put a video for anyone interested in an in depth view on how a gaming house works..

Have fun!!!

This one a little old, but gets the point

The current gaming keyboard I use


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