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The top 5 games for Android (personal opinion). Pick up your phone or tablet and try out the best applications!

Updated on February 9, 2013

5. Where's My Water?

We love Disney and we love games with a crocodile who wants to take a bath, and we love games with good physics too. Now here they are in one awesome android program with tons of varieties, brainstorming puzzles and a cool animated beast. Swampy needs water, now!

Price: $0.99

4. PewPew 2

Have you ever felt like you miss geometry? Now you can go back in time and learn all those shapes of these magical creatures. You need to shoot'em'up on the several challenging levels, it's like you're in school again, but like a thousands time better! There's also a wide variety of endless modes. These two features combined with the vector style graphics makes this awesome game to be the 4th best game for Android.


3. Buka Lite

The world is in danger (or Neptune, anyway, I will call it the blue planet). You play as the blue planet which you move around the screen with your finger (or with tilting the phone) to avoid meteors. You can collect health and destroy those purple and yellow enemies by holding down your finger. If you zap a large orb it will break apart, which means a higher score but a movement increase for the little parts as well. The game has a colorful style, it's a must have for astronauts (lol?).

Price: Free

2. Plants Vs. Zombies

PopCap, the creator of many addictive games now comes with a new brand, I mean two brands mixed together. The one is the farming brand, where you plant peacefully, millions can agree with me that it's just fantastic to plant (and Harvest!!!). The other one is the Braaains! franchise which is the favourite of guys (especially smart ones, they have a hard time to protect their precious brains) The game comes with a tower defense style, you need to plant to defend your house from the horde of hungry zombies. The game is easy to learn, even if there are a bunch of weapons, no, a bunch of...let's admit, they're But they are godly badass flowers for sure. Try it out, it's guaranteed fun.

Price: $1.99

1. Age of Zombies

I first played this thingy on my good ol' PSP, i fell in love with it immediately. We play a bad-ass character called Barry Streakfries (yeah, he got a cool name), who is full of funny quotes and ammunition to shoot down those zombies. The humor is phenomenal and the game never gets boring. You start in the prehistoric age and you need to fight your way to the modern age (it's actually the near future) where you will find your biggest enemy, professor...BARRY! Yes, this is the two Barry's fight, don't miss it. It's my personal favourite, so if you want to feel like your playing Left 4 Dead on your phone then i recommend this awesome game for you!

Price: $0.99


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