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The top 5 greatest Nintendo accessories

Updated on March 30, 2014

Top 5 best Nintendo accessories

A short time ago I did a hub about the 5 worst Nintendo accessory’s (I will put a link at the bottom if you want to check it out). So before everyone thinks I hate Nintendo I decided to do a hub on the 5 best in my opinion Nintendo accessories. Accessories that have worked really well, or made the games they were made for more fun. These are the accessories that I have used the most.

The Rules

Just like my 5 worst list the same rules apply and they are.

Number 1: They can’t have come with the console they were made for so no NES Zapper (not that accessory is any good anymore because it doesn’t work on modern day flat screen TV’s).

Number 2: These had to be made by Nintendo themselves, so no mad catz accessories or anything like that. (not that mad catz has ever made a good accessory)

Number 3: Yours truly has had to own them had some point. While I may not have all of them available to photograph for this hub I do own them, or have owned one in the past to tell you how good they are. If you think there is something that should be on the list though please feel free to comment and tell me your ideas below.

3ds circle pad pro with original model 3ds

3DS circle pad pro

This is very close to being a Nintendo fail, mainly because Nintendo created this great 3ds accessory, and then decided to treat it like the red headed step child and not give it any support. Thank god for Capcom who does develop games for this. Basically what the circle pad pro does it fits around the 3DS like a glove and gives the console a 2nd analog stick and 2 extra shoulder buttons. It pretty much gives 3DS games a full console controller feeling. Sony could never solve the complaint about not having a 2nd analog nub on their PSP and Nintendo went and solve the problem with a 20 dollar add on.

While on first glance this may make it look more uncomfortable to hold the system let me tell you it doesn’t. The rounded edges are much more comfortable then the original 3ds sharp edges and given the original a little more heft really helps out. If you’re going to be playing Resident Evil Revelations you need this gadget. I heard Nintendo sold an XL version on its online store but I haven’t tried the 2nd analog stick for the 3DS XL but for the original 3ds this is one cool add on, and it’s a shame that it’s not supported.

Wii wheel with wii remote

Wii Wheel

Wait didn’t you have a useless piece of plastic for the Wii on the number 1 spot, why is another hunk of plastic doing on your best. Because the Wii Wheel unlike the Wii Zapper actually does serve its purpose well. Sure it’s a piece of plastic that you stick the Wii remote into but if you want to use motion controls to feel like you’re driving a go kart in Mario Kart around you can’t beat this. It’s comfortable and it feels like your gripping a real steering wheel in your hands, and it gives you more control of your cart. It works on racing games where you tilt the wii controller like a steering wheel.

Don’t get me wrong the classic/gamecube controller is the best way to experience Mario Kart Wii, but the motion controls weren’t bad and offer some fun (if you stayed on the earlier tracks) Nintendo dished out bonus points on their online matches if you played using the motion controls. And if you did choose the motion control route the wii wheel just made it feel better and more fun. Real steering wheel controllers are expensive Nintendo manage to capture the same experience in a cheap plastic shell, well done Nintendo.

The gameboy player

With start up disc pictured
With start up disc pictured

Gameboy Player

The original GBA hard ware is probably the worst portable Nintendo ever produced (well if you don’t count the virtual boy has being portable) next to the fact that the AC adapter that I mention in my worst section was a complete joke you also had to have a flood light near you in order to see the screen. Sure the visuals in the games look fantastic but you can’t see them on the original GBA the screen was just too dark. Nintendo came up with two solutions to this. First was a model that would go on too sell more than the original GBA and that is the GBA SP. The GBA SP tilted the screen to catch the light easier, it also had a front light (in later models it would be a back light) so you could see your games. The 2nd one is the Gameboy player adds on for the Gamecube.

The Gameboy player would plug into a port on the bottom of the gamecube and then screw into the bottom. You could then place your Gameboy game into the bottom slot face down, and then you would put up the startup disc into the gamecube and you could play game cube games on your TV. You could fix the way the games were displayed full screen or half screen. The Gameboy player also had a timer so you wouldn’t lose track of time playing Pokemon. You could use those worthless Gameboy transfer cables to use your GBA has a controller for these games but I found that the Gamecube controller worked just has well.

The games display really well despite the amount they have been blown up to fit the TV. Only a few games that use 3d tricks like Mario Kart looked crappy on the Gameboy player. There were a lot of classic games I played using this device and I probably logged more times on it over the years then actual gamecube games.

(quick note for those who are planning on buying these used make sure it comes with that white start up disc or else what you got is a really expensive paper weight, I should also mention the only Nintendo Gamecube accessory that doesn’t work with the Wii)

The video quality of the gameboy player is actually kind of good
The video quality of the gameboy player is actually kind of good

Super gameboy

With gameboy donkey kong cartridge
With gameboy donkey kong cartridge

Honorable mention super gameboy

Before I go on to the top two which are really important accessories which have changed the way we view are controllers I have to give an honorable mention to a good accessory that the Gameboy player beat out. That is the Super Gameboy for the SNES. Same idea has the Gameboy Player you stick gray cartridge Gameboy game into the slot then put it into the SNES and you can play Gameboy games. The Super Gameboy could display games in 4 different colors and you could input games or fiddle around the pallets to fit the game you were playing. Some games like Donkey Kong came with pre filled pallets and backgrounds. However it would only work with gray and black cartridge Gameboy games (and it would only display those black ones in partial color not full color), so no clear GBC game and no GBA games. The Gameboy Player can play all those games (displaying the black cart ones in full color) plus the GBC and the GBA. Its bigger library just beats out the Super Gameboy. Still a cool accessory if you own a SNES it might be fun to check one of these out.

And one more thing before we go the next two accessories are so cool they change the way we gamers think about are controllers. Yes next time a young noob tell you how much Nintendo sucks, hit them over the head with their red ringing Xbox and explain to them once they regain conciseness that there xbox controllers wouldn’t be the same without Nintendo.

N64 rumble pack

Like the vibration that most controllers have now days, you can thank Nintendo and there rumble pack for that. Released in the late 90s has a gimmick to sell Star Fox 64 the rumble pack was a device with a small porter that could attach to a port in the back of the N64 controller. The thing would shake whenever you got hit in star fox causing it to rumble. Gamers like it and soon almost every new N64 game had that feature and Sony would later put the fucniton inside there controllers. The only downside is that it required its own battery’s. And it also made the N64 controller feel bigger and heaver then it already was. But still the fact that this accessory got so popular when it was ment to be a gimmick and it’s found in every controller now days says Nintendo did well.

Nintendo Wave bird controller for the gamecube

What do you mean this is a controller and not an accessory. This is my list if you don’t like it you can go write your own. It fits in with all 3 of my rules: It’s made by Nintendo, did not come with most gamecubes, and I own it. Besides it’s was probably the best controller of its generation, by actually being wireless and not sucking at it. Yes all modern day controllers are wireless and do a good job, but before the wave bird being wireless meant being a big joke. Usually acting like a TV remote you had to keep the controller pointed in the general direction of the game console and TV at all time or else they wouldn’t work, and we gamers do jerk are arms around a lot while playing so often times loosing synch with the system would happen. Wave bird used radio waves so you could play up to 30 feet away from the TV and it would still work. The design being bigger and fuller then the gamecube controllers and looked a lot less dorky (and the fact that it wasn’t purple was a big help too). The only down side was like most wireless controllers now days you had to feed it good old double A’s, and unlike most wireless controllers now days there was no vibration feedback from the controller. Still to show wireless was the way of the future and the fact that the generation after the gamecube all consoles would be sporting wireless controllers shows that when Nintendo innovates and markets their products correctly they do change the industry.

Wave bird with its control port attachment if you buy one used make sure it comes with the attachment other wise you have bought a paper weight
Wave bird with its control port attachment if you buy one used make sure it comes with the attachment other wise you have bought a paper weight


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