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The Gaming Systems

Updated on March 18, 2017

Video game right?!?! For some people it is the best thing ever invented but to others it is just another thing destroying kids brains. I'm here to show you about gaming systems, from beginning to end and from the best to worst!! You can actually learn a lot from video games. Like how to learn control of your hands and mind. Parents also use them to teach their kids colors, shapes, people and things. So lets see what comes first!!!

The original Magnavox Odyssey
The original Magnavox Odyssey | Source
The Atari
The Atari | Source
The Fairchild F
The Fairchild F | Source
The Nintendo
The Nintendo | Source
The original Sega
The original Sega | Source
Sega Master System
Sega Master System | Source
Turbo Grafx-16
Turbo Grafx-16 | Source
The Nintendo Gameboy
The Nintendo Gameboy | Source
3DO Interactive Multiplayer
3DO Interactive Multiplayer | Source
Nintendo Wii
Nintendo Wii | Source
Atari Jaguar
Atari Jaguar | Source
Sega Saturn
Sega Saturn | Source
Playstation | Source
Playstaion 3
Playstaion 3 | Source
XBOX | Source
XBOX 360
XBOX 360 | Source
XBOX Kinect
XBOX Kinect | Source
  • The first video game console to come out was the Magnavox Odyssey. It was demonstrated in May of 1972 but it was released in August of 1972. Yes before the famous Atari. It was big in size and lacked sound but its was a new wave to what people didn't know was about to come. From 1972 to 1978 Magnavox created 9 upgraded series of systems.
  1. The original Odyssey
  2. Odyssey 100
  3. Odyssey 200
  4. Odyssey 300
  5. Odyssey 400
  6. Odyssey 500
  7. Odyssey 2000
  8. Odyssey 3000
  9. Odyssey 4000

The Phillips company also created three versions of the Odyssey from 1974 to 1978. Before buying out the Magnavox company.

  1. Odyssey 200
  2. Odyssey 2001
  3. Odyssey 2100
  • The Atari System - The Atari company was incorporated in California on June 27th, 1972. The atari was more advanced than the Odyssey by atleast having a sound system so you could hear yourself playing the game which somehow in some way makes you play better...for some people at least. From 1972 to now Atari has created many gaming systems and games. It all began with...
  1. The Atari Inc - 1972-1984
  2. Atari Corporation - 1984-1996
  3. A division of Hasbro - 1998-2001
  4. Atari Inc a division of Atari 2001-current
  5. Atari, SA - 2009-current

Atari had many different makes and models and here are a list of a few.

  1. The Pong was the first Atari game created. It was made after the Odysseys tennis game came out and Atari had to later pay Magnavox a fee after they sued Atari for copying their idea.
  2. Atari 2600
  3. Atari 5200
  4. Atari ST
  5. Atari XE
  6. Atari 7800
  7. Atari Lynx
  8. Atari 400
  9. Atari 800
  10. Atari 1200XL
  11. Atari 600XL
  12. Atari 800XL
  13. Atari 1400XL
  14. Atari 1450XLD
  15. Atari 65XE
  16. Atari 130XE
  • The Fairchild Channel F - This gaming system was released In August 1976. It was the first programmable ROM cartridge based gaming system. Some unique things about this system was it had the first "pause" button and its sound was created by an internal speaker on the same system instead of using the tv.
  • The Nintendo Entertainment System - This gaming system was released in America in 1985 but in Japan it was released in 1983. It help bring the gaming system crash out of its trouble. It was voted the best gaming system of all time. My favourite gaming system with the cute little Mario and Yoshi characters.
  • The Super Nintendo Entertainment System - The super version of Nintendo was released to the world from 1990-1993. It had better graphics than the original and more games.
  • The Sega - It was released July 15, 1983. It was also the first game console to bring 3D graphics to gaming. The first console was the SG-1000 then later released many more consoles.
  • Sega Master System - Released in America in 1986.
  • ColecoVision - Released in August 1982. It was arcade style viewing and gaming.
  • TurboGrafx-16 Entertainment SuperSystem - Release in America in August 29, 1989. The UK Telegames released another version called the TurboGrafx in 1990 but only a few were made and sold.
  • The Nintendo Gameboy - This was not the first handeld gaming system but it was the greatest to me. It was released in Japan April 21, 1989 and in America in August 1989. The Gameboy Color was also released after.
  • The NEO GEO console - This console was released in 1990. Neo Geo also had arcade gaming systems. The NEO GEO family of consoles only made it through the 1990's.
  • SNK Playmore Corporation - This is a Japanese gaming system founded July 1978 to October 22. 2001. This company actually created the NEO GEO family.
  • Atari Jaguar- Released by Atari in 1993 then later the Atari Flashback was released in 2004. The Jaguar failed and Atari was pretty much told to stay out of the home gaming system.
  • 3DO Interactive Multiplayer- This was a gaming program released by Panosonic in 1993. One year later Goldstar and Sanyo created renditions to the original.
  • Sega Saturn - Released November 22, 1994 in Japan and in America on May 11, 1995.
  • Playstation - First released by Sony in Japan December 3, 1994. This console consists of a media center and an online service.
  • Playstation 2 - Released first in Japan January 2000. It was so popular it was hard to find it on shelves. It aslo has an online multiplayer system, it played DVDs and much more.
  • Playstation 3 - Released in America November 17, 2006. This console is a more advanced version of the two original. It plays Blue Ray disks and also has an online multiplayer system.
  • Nintendo 64 - First introduced September 1996. It was discontinued in 2001 when the nexy Nintendo game console came out.
  • Nintendo GameCube - First came out in America November 18, 2001. This was the first Nintendo console to use optical disks. It also used Mini DVDs instead of regular sized which made it not to be able to watch DVDs.
  • Sega Dreamcast - This console was brought to us in 1998. Sega discontinued this console in 2001 and this was the last console ever made by Sega.
  • Nintendo Wii - Released November 19, 2006. The console broke records in 2009 for being the best selling video game console. The unique thing about this one was the remote. It was used as a pointing device and detected movement in 3D.
  • XBOX - Released and made in America November 15, 2001 and in Japan February 22, 2002. This was Microsoft's first gaming console. Its original name was DirectX Box. It has a online multiplayer service and a media center. It also plays DVD's.
  • XBOX 360 - Released November 22, 2005 It was another great invention by Microsoft. This cosole allows you to do so much, like play online against other players. You can watch and download TV shows, movies, music and original arcade games made by other previous companies.
  • XBOX Kinect - It is an input device not really another console but a very strong improvement from the first consoles ever. It is a motion sensor device used like a webcam. It tracks your body movement with out ever having to use a controller. It was released in October 2010 to certain audiences and then to the rest of the public about two months later. It made it into the Guinness Book of World Records for being the most selling electronic device ever sold.

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    • Sean Loper profile image

      Sean Loper 6 years ago from New Port Richey, Florida


    • UFO Alien profile image

      UFO Alien 6 years ago from Area 51, Roswell, Over Manhattan, China and SPACE

      Thanks, this does indeed bring back memories. I used have a TurboGrafx-16. Still one of my favorite gaming systems. Earthing video games may be primitive, but they sure are fun. :)

    • shoaibgmail profile image

      Shoaib 6 years ago

      Hey you remind me some of my old memories when me and my brother use to play attari & sega and now a days play station well its always fun to play a video game.

    • Protocol512 profile image

      Protocol512 6 years ago from Copperas Cove Tx.

      Atari Master System till I die!!