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The ultimate family gaming machine

Updated on January 10, 2012
The Nintendo - The ultimate gaming machine
The Nintendo - The ultimate gaming machine

In days gone by computer gaming was seen as a solitary pursuit, or something that only two people could do. However, times have changed and computer gaming now involves large groups of people brought together for good times, entertainment, a bit of banter and a lot of healthy competition. If you want a social gaming session where you can pit your skills against your friends or family members there is only one games console that can do the job and that is the Nintendo Wii.

Compared to other games consoles, namely the Playstation 3 and the Microsoft Xbox 360 the Wii seems inferior in all respects. When you look at the Nintendo Wii the graphics aren't as good as other consoles, the sound isn't as good as that of other consoles, the Wii isn't as realistic as playing on other consoles and the library of games isn't as vast as that available for other games consoles. Bearing this in mind you may be asking, "what is the point of owning the Wii".

The simple answer is "The Wii is pure fun". So the graphics may not be up there with the Xbox 360, but who cares? There are times when it is more enjoyable to use bright, colourful and make believe characters than controlling a realistic human being. Can you imagine Mario Kart with characters based on "real" human beings? Doesn't sound much fun does it. Let's consider the sound. The Wii's sounds effects may not be that great but do you really need loud, surround sound and realistic sound effects when playing a game? I know I don't.

The library of Wii games may not be as vast as that available for the Xbox 360 but it really doesn't matter as there are still hundreds of titels available for the Wii. There are sports games, action games, fitness games, family games, war games, driving games, puzzle games..... need I say more? There are more than enough games available for the Wii to keep the most addicted game player happy and there are more titles being released all the time. Believe me, you will never tire of the amount and type of games available for the Nintendo Wii.

There are two types of gamers out there. The first is the hardcore gamer and the second is the casual gamer, and each one is a different beast. For the hardcore gamer the Wii, along with it's library of games won't be enough and there is only one console that will, the Xbox 360. However, for the casual gamer the Nintendo Wii is the ultimate gaming machine and should be top of the list.

More and more people are being encouraged to play computer games and these people are a variety of ages, ranging from the very young to the very old and everyone in between. Most of these are casual gamers who play computer games for fun and entertainment with family members and friends. Bearing this in mind, there Nintendo Wii has to be the ultimate gaming machine of all time.


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