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The Best Gift - V.Reader Animated e-book System

Updated on September 30, 2010

V.Reader Animated E-Book System

V.Reader Animated E-Book System
V.Reader Animated E-Book System

The best gift - V.reader animated e-book system

V.reader animated e-book system is the best toy you can gift to your kid of kindergarten age up to grade three as V.reader animated e-book system is important in many aspects. Vetch has designed this unique instrument as a toy right for you children to learn many things while they are actually playing. Through v.reader animated e-book system, Vetch touches children’s inner conscious using their interest in playing and games, to teach them some lessons effortlessly. You actually should never try to teach advance subjects which can not be digested to the age they are in, but should arrange the infrastructure for them to pick up anything good and advance from the surrounding, if they desire. Never try to keep your child as a foolish infant and always try to keep him one step ahead in everything, and it gives him/her a great self confidence and moral for his entire life.


V.Reader Animated E-Book System

V.Reader Animated E-Book System
V.Reader Animated E-Book System

What really V.reader animated e-book system is?

V.reader animated e-book system exactly is not a toy. It has many characteristics. It is worthwhile to have a close look on them one by one.


1.      V.reader animated e-book system is a story teller. Its electronic voice tells your kid whatever the story you select.

2.      While narrating the story, V.reader animated e-book system shows the text and pictures of the story in attractive, colorful background.

3.      Or you can stop narration and read the story with the text and pictures on the screen of V.reader animated e-book system

4.      While reading or listening, you can get into its dictionary to search for any word you get in the story.

5.      The stories are coming with story animations, voice dialogs, vivid graphics and also with fantastic background music and sounds.

6.      V.reader animated e-book system is having a 4.3 inches color touch system screen.

7.      V.reader animated e-book system is connectable to your PC through USB port

8.      It also has option of attaching a SD memory card

9.      The other option V.reader animated e-book system has is the stylus for your kids to make their creations.

10.  Story cartridges are available to use with V.reader animated e-book system categorized as 3-5 years and 5-7 years.


Buying a V.reader animated e-book system actually means you are buying a meaningful and useful instrument for your child. Famous cartoon characters in children’ world such as Shrek and Disney Fairies will be your kids’ primary teachers who will effectively teach them all required lessons the same age needs.

Vtech - V.Reader Animated E-Book System

Vtech - V.Reader Animated E-Book System
Vtech - V.Reader Animated E-Book System

A school hidden in a toy

V.reader animated e-book system is appreciated by everybody who had used it. A nice tricky toy to bring your playful child into the track of Education, without even letting him/her to know it or feel it. This remarkable toy can make a dramatic change in your kid right into a better & successful way.


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