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The warrior in Rift

Updated on January 12, 2012

Rift Warrior

The warrior calling encompasses 8 available souls in the game. There is opportunity for builds that players can use in order to increase odds of winning the PvP, level up fast, and those for group and solo play.

In order to level up quickly at the start, a player should play either the paragon or riftblade soul. The paragon is able to attach from long distances and gives the player the ability to survive for longer periods of time during the entry level. In entry leveling the player should make sure they have the warrior abilities that allow them to buff themselves or heal.

With the riftblade soul the player has access to the ability to air blade, which is a buff that allows them to increase their damage.

The souls that are available in Rift warrior include:

  • The Warlord
  • The Void Knight
  • The Vindicator
  • The Reaver
  • The Paladin
  • The Champion
  • The Paragon
  • The Riftblade
  • The Beastmaster

Rift warrior leveling - How to do it fast and effective

It is possible to level a warrior to high levels (30 to 45) in less than 5 days if you follow certain steps. If you find optimal ways to quest and solo minor rifts you will be able to increase the speed of your leveling and make rift warrior leveling relatively easy.

This is what you can do to save time and energy when leveling your warrior.

Choose the following three souls: Beastmaster, Warlord and Champion.

Champion - 32
Beastmaster - 32
Warlord - 2

When on levels 1-25 you need to concentrateon putting your points in Champion and some in Beastmaster. You do this to develop a strong pet which is capable of soloing creatures on his own.

Furthermore, your pet will be able to destroy creatures with large burst damage from a two-handed sword.

The combination of your warrior and your pet will allow you to defeat minon creatures with little effort and mobs will alternate damage between you and your pet.

Keep these things in mind:

  • Make sure your pet does not die. It is a good portion of your damage and will be taking a great deal of damage from mobs off you. Without your pet, mobs will be attacking you on your own with full force and your damage will be half as powerful.
  • Keep up your buffs and spam your action point generators to 3 (Power Strike, Fierce Strike, and Might Blow). Then use Deathblow or Punishing Blow as finisher in early levels.
  • Remember this build is optimized for minor rifts and going solo quests. It is important to do minor rifts inbetween quests while grinding the build. You will find that you can clear out mobs with little effort, because you put out huge damage.


  • If you charge in to battle trying to stun the enemy, agro will rotate between you and your pet.
  • Use your Buffs and keep your pet alive.
  • Start your attacks with Fierce Strike for the bonus and then Power Strike/Might Blow.
  • Use Punishing Blow or Deathblow and you will destroy mobs very fast.
  • Open your next attack with a bloodthirst then repeat steps, you will be defeating mobs fast.


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    • Matt Edmondson profile image

      Matt Edmondson 5 years ago from Tucson, AZ

      I decided to give RIFT a try as I was burned out on World of Warcraft and this is exactly the type of guide I was looking for. Thanks!!