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The witcher 3: Wild hunt review on PS4 part two

Updated on May 25, 2015

It's just the beginning...

Hold on tight! We have more tales to tell, and more gameplay to show.
Hold on tight! We have more tales to tell, and more gameplay to show.

Magic could be naughty

As if going to a Renaissance festival, we are brought back to thirteen century. Start with a cozy fireplace, and a sexy hot tub scene; not what I expected though. While Geralt is enjoying his moment of life, a sly and crafty crab-like creature sneaks in his tub. We always relate Geralt to a creature slayer, so we thought something sinister is about to happen; luckily the truth turns out to be a prank. Man! The prank back then seems so much fun~~ much better than the prank we have seem nowadays.

I care about the sound in games so much, so I would love to point out that the sound effect in this game is gorgeous and very detailed: The splash, the water, the voice acting and so on... The deep sound of Geralt always brings out a feel of dignity and mystery, love it! One last thing, no one can deny this: The soundtrack in this game is superb! The best soundtrack I have ever heard throughout all the video games I have played by now!

Turned on?... or off?

Man~ you can't deny the view
Man~ you can't deny the view

There's always a side dish

You need a wonderful side dish while finishing your main dish, so there is an attractive naked woman side with half naked Geralt: Yennefer. (Both their name are so hard to spell = =) Anyway, the story starts with Geralt being teased, and Yennefer tells him to hurry up for our tutorial (The training). But Geralt seems reluctant to move because there is a wonderful naked woman just sitting right next to him, of course he doesn't want to be in a hurry (I mean who does?). Also I love the way how the crab-like creature vanishes, it inspires you that there is no limit to magic as long as you have the creative imagination. ;)

As Geralt stands up you could see his back bears several scars which symbolize he is a veteran who has fought countless battles or slayed numerous monsters. (And kills unnumbered cockroaches, I would definitely get that many or even more scars if I battle against cockroackes); as for me these scars are signs of his "Booties". Later I found out there's also a scar on his left eye, wonder what or who cause these scars? I believe the thing which caused it is not an ordinary enemy...

Great view

Again, you can't deny this view as well..
Again, you can't deny this view as well..

Can I touch it?

Man... such a badass. Wonder what caused these scars?
Man... such a badass. Wonder what caused these scars?

Just like a Couple

Next scene we see Geralt is annoyed by can't enjoy his lovely bath, but told to train with Ciri. (Perhaps he needs to learn how to operate Siri?) Joke aside, seems like Ciri is an important character worth Geralt moving his ass and not being able to "have fun" with Yennefer. At this point I started to think who is this character? Also there's a Vesemir? Well... I told you I have never played any Witcher series before so I really don't know who Vesemir is. Plus I start to concern that I will definitely get confused by these names.

Before Yennefer changes she looks like an ordinary housewife, but once she does, especially put on that necklace which glowed in the cinematic intro, she totally morphs into an attractive, enigmatic, and powerful sorceress.

Much better

See how a necklace change a woman... :P
See how a necklace change a woman... :P

Time to pick up the controller

After a series of amazing animation, it is finally about time to play the game!~ Just like other games we started with the basic control, each game has its own special traits; and this one has the well-known withcer senses; Pretty much similar to other games such as the listening mode of The Last Of Us, and the instinct of Tomb raider. But the fact this senses allow you to interact with countless objects is truly amazing! Normally other games would simply show you where the enemies are, and the destination or goal by their own senses, but this game allows you to do much more things with this senses; in brief, the witchers senses expand the degree of freedom profoundly!

Don't play with the fire

Oh my god!~ This is the first game I can play with fire! I am totally blown away by how detailed this game is! (Not because of this fireplace of course)
Oh my god!~ This is the first game I can play with fire! I am totally blown away by how detailed this game is! (Not because of this fireplace of course)

The witcher 3: Wild hunt (Walkthrough&Review)

The witcher 3: Wild Hunt

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