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The witcher 3: Wild hunt review on PS4 part one

Updated on May 22, 2015

So classic~

Seriously, by simply look at this badass picture you know this game is gonna be amazing~~ And it turned out it is!!! :)
Seriously, by simply look at this badass picture you know this game is gonna be amazing~~ And it turned out it is!!! :)

Hop on the hype train

I am a new gamer so I have never played The Witcher series before, basically I know it is a game bases on Polish fantasy novel. And I know each game has very good score on game review sites, and this one is no exception. As the title announced and watched the gameplay, I became one of the passengers on the hype train for The Wicher 3. This game made me felt totally different and fresh! It is pretty much like you eat big Mac at McDonald everyday, then suddenly there is a new dish which is a hamburger with ham, steak, chicken, fish, various kinds of sauce and everything! Yeah~ pretty much it felt like this. :)

Plus mythology is always my favorite, there are a few games about fantasies, fairy-tale, mythology; And this game contains all! I already love this game even without playing it. This game is one of the few games I sincerely care about how many days left till the release date, and I even stayed up late to pre-download the game :) See? this game casts a spell on me...

Witcher you rock~

I will be honest, this start menu is my favorite one so far!~~
I will be honest, this start menu is my favorite one so far!~~

Story time

Normally when I start up the game I would expect to get into the start menu then get straight to the game, but this time I have a story instead! I was so excited like a child about to listen to his/her grandparents tell them the old legends: the vampires, werewolf, fairies, voodoo stuff, sorcery, and of course, witch. Even better, this time not only you can listen to the story but also you can play it yourself!

This premise story is a very sweet design, actually this story is especially for those who haven't played witcher series before (Like me). In case you don't know the story, they give you a brief premise. Though I hope the story could be longer, I want to know more about the witcher world; Well... I guess I could learn more in the game.

Once upon a time...

Grab a chair, stay awhile and listen! (Sound familiar? ;) )
Grab a chair, stay awhile and listen! (Sound familiar? ;) )

Mind blown

After the story I thought I would simply get straight to the game play, but no! CD Projekt RED is not going to satisfy you that easily! Following they bombard your mind with a cinematic intro/trailer, I totally felt like I am in the game, so immersive!

Judging by the cinematic intro/trailer, we basically know the protagonist is searching for a mystic woman later we found out her name is Yennefer.I really love the detective style of cause and consequence, someone or something caused it and we search alone the clues they left; A sweet taste from Murder soul suspect, yet even better! :)

So cinematic!

As I recall, there aren't many CGI animation in games, only for trailers...? (Correct me if I am wrong)
As I recall, there aren't many CGI animation in games, only for trailers...? (Correct me if I am wrong)

Making progress

The cinematic trailer slowly brought the story to climax and transit us to the gameplay, I really have to say the transition from the skull to game is seriously astonishing! Very good transition indeed! After transit to the Geralt scene we know he and his companion (master) are on their journey, but what journey? At this point I know this game has really great storyline, also I know The Witcher world has a very complicated and immense story which makes me want to buy novels and know more about this fascinating world.

Last moment I was seeing Geralt sleeping soundly then next moment we suddenly transits to a (sexy) hot-tub scene; this part remind me to label this game contain nudity :P Anyway, I finally have a good look at the gameplay and the graphic is stunning. I won't say this is the most beautiful game I have ever played, but I can guarantee you this is the most detailed game I have experienced by now!

Ascendio~Arania Exumai~ avocado!

Seriously, she could kill someone with her stare.
Seriously, she could kill someone with her stare.

The witcher 3 Wild hunt (Walkthrough&Review): Part one

The Wticher 3: Wild hunt

5 out of 5 stars from 4 ratings of The Wticher 3: Wild hunt

The witcher 3 hype train

Even though the game is released, but were you hyped about this game?

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The Witcher: Wild Hunt (Comic Bundle) for PlayStation 4


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