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The Best Computer Games

Updated on November 12, 2011

The Best Computer Games (In My Opinion)

This is just a list of MY favorite games. I'm a gamer, so I've played many games. These are just the ones I found the most interesting and fun.

How I Picked

Alright, so here are the reasons for picking the games I chose:

* Graphics: Okay, lets face it. Games without good graphics are usually not very fun. There are exceptions, but games with good graphics are usually the most appealing. Its more fun play a game where everything is detailed and pretty (sometimes) then where you just click and switch between webpages.

*Gameplay: For me, the gameplay has to be intriguing, exciting (not always), and innovative. There's only one Browser game (where you move from page to page on your internet browser to play the game) I've played ever that I really liked.

*Fun: I guess all it really comes down to is how fun the game is. If the game isn't very fun, you're most likely not going to play it.

The Games

Alright, down to business. Keep in mind, these games are in no particular order, and I just put them on.

Warcraft III: I picked this game for many reasons. First off, I love the campaign. I think it is a very good story line. I especially love the movies at the end of the campaigns. The graphics are fantastic. I love the online play, there's always people there to play with. When you get the game, it comes with the Warcraft 3 World Editor. With this, people create their own custom maps, which are my favorite things to do. is very user friendly, exciting, and a blast to play on. Also, the game comes with built-in LAN (Local Area Connection), so you can play with people on your network. However, all computers wanting to join the game must be connected to the internet router with a cable, not just wifi, or the LAN won't pick up that their is a game being hosted. Warcraft III is just a great game all around, enjoyed by millions, and is a great buy.

Minecraft: This game is definitely one of my all time favorites. Though the graphics aren't fantastic, the fun is unlimited. Minecraft is a sandbox game, meaning you can basically do anything you want. When you start the game, you have nothing. You must walk around punching trees to gain their wood and construct a house before nightfall strikes. During the night, monsters come out, including the infamous creeper, a green monster that explodes if it gets too close to the player. You can build portals to travel to different realms, including the Nether and the End. The game has an amazing world generation system, so you'll never get the same map twice. The game is also open source, so coders have created hundreds of mods - things you can install into your game to change it somehow - that can make gameplay much more interesting. Minecraft also comes with built-in multiplayer capabilities, so you can play with your friends. You can either create your own server, or find one someone else has created to play on. Minecraft is just an amazing game, and I highly recommend getting it. The Minecraft Wiki can be found here.

African Expedition by Thepenguins

Canvas Rider: Alright, this game doesn't have great graphics, but to me it is very fun. The game is based of of Free Rider, a very popular online game. Canvas Rider is less laggy and has options like fullscreen. Thousands of tracks are on Canvas Rider designed by other people. You can also use the editor tool to create your own tracks.

Terraria: Terraria is another fantastic game. Some people compare it to Minecraft, but honestly, they are entirely different. There are a few aspects that are similar, but they are entirely different games. Terraria has a more adventurous aspect to it, with boss fights, random chests to loot in the world, floating islands, Corruption, and even an underworld type area. You can build a large building to house NPC's when you achieve certain things, like the Demolitions Man, the Nurse, and the Dryad. You can also play multiplayer by hosting your own server, or joining one created by someone else. The official Terraria wiki can be found here, for more information.

Terraria: Official Trailer

League of Legends

League Of Legends: This game is definitely one of my favorites. Its got great graphics and fantastic gameplay. There are tons of different heros you can play with. Each week there are seven random free ones. After playing each game (each game lasts about 30 minutes) you receive play points based on how well you did. In game you can buy items for your hero to boost his stats and abilitys.

Desktop TD

Final waves of a basic game.
Final waves of a basic game. | Source

Desktop Tower Defense: Not only this game, but all good tower defense games. I've loved tower defense games for a very long time, but this one is just exceptional. It is original, fun, entertaining, and basically has all the qualities of a great game. This game got very, very popular for a time for a good reason.

Torpia: Torpia is a great game, but only for certain people. Not everyone likes these games. "These games" I'm referring to are browser games. I said at the top of this hub that I don't like most browser games, but this is the only one that I do. It's fun, lots of other people play it, so there are plenty of guilds to join, and people to fight with or trade with.


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