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Bratz Collectibles - Gifts for Girls of all ages.

Updated on August 31, 2013

The Bratz - Cloe, Yasmin, Sasha, and Jade and friends.

The Bratz are very popular and make a great gift for girls ages 4 to 14. Bratz is a popular children's doll franchise produced by MGA Entertainment. The 254mm, or 10 inch dolls are characterized by large heads with wide eyes, full lips, very small noses, short torsos, and shoes that can be snapped on and off. They first appeared in 2001 and are more popular now than ever. Now there are not only the original four girl dolls, but also additional friends, spin offs, feature films, games, music, and a successful television series.

On February 6, 2007 according to NPD Group, the Bratz became the #1 fashion themed dolls in the USA in the fourth Quarter of 2006. These days Bratz are even more popular than ever and may become collectibles and very valuable as the company that produces them is in an ongoing battle and lawsuit and may not be producing many more Bratz in the future.

Bratz Genie Magic

Following the success of the Bratz Rock Angelz collection, MGA Entertainment released their flagship collection for 2006, Bratz Genie Magic. The collection included Cloe, Sasha, Jade, Meygan and Yasmin dressed in extravagant and elaborate Moroccan/Egyptian/Bohemian-style fashions. Also included in the Bratz Genie Magic collection is Katia, who was released with a Genie Magic bottle playset that converted itself into a late night lounge, and like Rock Angelz, Genie Magic had accompanying tie-in lifestyle products. Genie Magic would prove to be one of the biggest selling Bratz collections in the company's history. Highlighting the release of the Bratz Genie Magic collection was the release of the Bratz Genie Magic DVD and CD in April 2006, which also won the Parent to Parent Adding Wisdom Award.

Bratz Forever Diamondz

Most expensive Bratz doll collection ever released.

In August 2006, MGA Entertainment released the kid version of Bratz Kidz and its platinum vintage Bratz collection, Bratz Forever Diamondz, which is one of the most expensive Bratz doll collections ever released with only one fashion. The characters featured in the Forever Diamondz collection are Jade, Cloe, Sasha, Yasmin, and a new character named Sharidan. Included with each doll in the Forever Diamondz collection is a diamond gem with a certificate of authentication. Also included with the Bratz Forever Diamondz collection is a "Fashion Show On The Go" rolling runway playset, a Fashion Design Kit Studio, the RC Cruiser, and Funky Fashion Makeover styling heads. Katia, Fianna, and Vinessa[citation needed] were later releases in the Forever Diamondz collection; they retailed for $19.99 each and were packaged not with a real diamond, but with a coordinating T-shirt and denim skirt and an array of simulated gems with which to decorate the second outfit.

Even before the formal release of Bratz Forever Diamondz, the collection had apparently already won the Australian Girls Toy of the Year award. On September 26, 2006, a new DVD released with the same title. The CD with the same name released on September 19, 2006. THQ released a videogame on September 18, 2006.

French-Canadian Bratz the "Ooh lah lah"

Only 30,000 dolls were made.

MGA, along with Canadian based fashion designer Marie Saint Pierre, teamed up to create an exclusive line of French-Canadian Bratz called 'Ooh lah lah' featuring three new exclusive characters. The line debuted in Sensation Mode, part of Montreal Fashion Week on October 16, 2006. The line is exclusive to Wal-Mart in Canada and only 30,000 were made.[6]

Bratz Adventure Girlz

In 2007, MGA presented Bratz Adventure Girlz (hip camouflaged camping clothes and gear), Fashion Pixiez (fairy themed dolls with glitter and wings with a direct-to-DVD and a music CD), and second waves of the Passion 4 Fashion and Birthday collections. Other collections included Pampered Pupz (stylized dolls with matching dogs and dog outfits), and Magic Hair (5-in-1 hairstyling 10 inch dolls with real memory hair).

Bratz Design Academy

Nickelodeon announced the October launch of a Bratz-themed reality show, Bratz Design Academy in which 9 to 14 year olds will compete in Project Runway-type fashion challenges, with the winner designing clothing for a British line of Bratz dolls

Play Sportz line

In 2005, the Bratz' fashion style moved away from urban themes and towards more everyday styles. This was the year the Play Sportz line debuted, in which each Bratz girl was dressed for a different sporting activity, with coordinating accessories.

Bratz Play Sportz -

Gymnastics, tennis,sky diving, kickboxing, skate boarding, these girls can do it all.

Lil' Bratz

Lil' Bratz (2002–present): The miniature versions, were originally created for a cheaper solution to buying Bratz. They were very popular to begin with, simply being miniature versions of the original four characters. But, in 2005, the four characters were given new names and slightly different appearances (eye colour, etc.) Only a few lines were created. A final attempt to keep the brand was made. The line Funk House was popular because the dolls were designed to look more like their cartoon counterparts. The line was dropped shortly after the release of Funk House. Lil' Bratz also featured Lil' Boyz who were sold briefly as original and new characters like the girls. In 2007, they released a clothing line called Lil' Bratz Couture. In 2008, Lil' Bratz were brought back on the market, made smaller, with the original four Bratz characters of Cloe, Jade, Yasmin, and Sasha.

Lil' Bratz Fun

Lil' girls have have great fun and with these sets of the Lil' Bratz.

Bratz Boys

Bratz Boyz (2002–present): These are the male counterparts of the Bratz. They are less popular than the girls and have only a third of the amount of characters. The original Bratz Boyz were Cameron and Dylan, who became popular after the release and even attracted male fans. More characters were added which only made them more popular. But with the recent lack of new characters, the popularity of these dolls has declined. New releases were less frequent in the 3rd and 4th quarters of 2006 leading to an impression that the Boyz were no longer being designed. The first Quarter of 2007 is showing increased activity from MGA with the long-awaited release of the Bratz Boyz Twiins, all-new character Wayne as part of the Rodeo line, a new Adventure Boyz Cameron, Bryce as part of the Hot Summer Dayz line, and Cade (now a blonde) as part of the Play Sportz line. More recently, Eitan was released as part of the Winter line, Bryce in the Movie line, and Cameron in the Play Sportz line. Dylan (part of the date night line) Cameron (part of the neon pop line) and Koby (part of the surfer cool line) are featured in the 2008 collections.

Bratz Babyz

Bratz Babyz (2004-2008): The Babyz were originally released with molded hair, one outfit and infant accessories (bottle, blanket, soft toy and other items) At first the Bratz Babyz were not popular because of their "disproportioned heads (compared to normal Bratz) and especially the molded hair. They became more popular as fans warmed to them. When Bratz Babyz with long, "real" hair (Hair Flair) were released, the popularity grew. More characters from the regular Bratz are being added to The Bratz Babyz line making the Bratz Babyz grow in popularity to this day.

Bratz Big Babyz (2005-2008): As its name says: a bigger version of the Bratz Babyz.

Bratz Lil' Angelz (2007-Present) are the newborn, collectable version of Bratz Babyz. They are smaller than regular Bratz Babyz and come with their own newborn pets.

Btatz Petz

Bratz Petz (discontinued, 2004–2006): Bratz Petz are the plush toys that resemble foxes, cats and dogs. They were not for the dolls, they were the size of an average teddy bear, making them awkward in the bratz universe. They came with bags, clothes and other accessories which made them fit into the Bratz fashion theme. They were not popular, and disappeared totally from the market in 2006. Bratz Petz have been re-released recently in Australia and the UK as completely different toys. They are plastic and come with bobble heads, and are sized to fit with the Big Bratz Babys. Each Petz comes with several accessories that are more appropriate than the old Bratz Petz. This new form of Bratz Petz are popular in Australia and the UK, months after their initial release.

Bratz Kids

Bratz Kidz (2006–present): Bratz Kidz are the child equivalent to the popular Bratz doll LINE . The dolls are 6 inches tall and are proportioned to be shorter than the normal Bratz. In the Fall 2007 season, Bratz Boyz Kidz were introduced, featuring the four main Boyz.Their first movie was released in JULY 2007 based on the sleepover adventure line.Their second movie is to be released in February and it has a fairy-tale storyline. No dolls have been released with the same theme


Be-Bratz (2007–present): Be-Bratz dolls are similar to regular Bratz dolls, but without their own individual names, as they are designed for the owner to name and customise themselves. They also come with a mini metallic pink USB mouse, a Be-Bratz mousepad, a Be-Bratz USB Key necklace, and a mini-pet. When the USB key is inserted into the PC, the owner can then take their Be-Bratz doll online, name it, and create an online social homepage for it. Games can be played with your Be-Bratz account to win more points, which can then be spent on clothing, furniture, and food for your online Be-Bratz doll.

Rock Angelz

Cloe, Sasha, Jade, Yasmin, Roxxi, Meygan, Eitan as the Rock Angelz, were dressed in 70s inspired rock attire. Each girl except Meygan, their #1 fan club president, and Eitan, their roadie who came with Yasmin in a 2 doll package, had a guitar and a mini CD single including 2 songs. Many tie-in products were also released, including boom boxes, CD towers, guitars, fashion accessories, the CD, the single "So Good", the UK bestselling, and 2005's #1 girl-targeted video game[5] published by THQ and the DVD, which showcased the Bratz in a computer-animated adventure as they started up their own fashion magazine.

More about the CD.

*"So Good" is the only track to appear on the Rock Angelz DVD.

*Former lead singer of Play, Janet Leon, did the background vocals for the song, "Nobody's Girl". Janet Leon, Kerima Holm, and Anna Nordell did the background vocals of "Change the World."

*"Change the World" was originally performed and released by Tiffani Wood as "What R U Waiting 4?", which Lindsay Lohan covered on the soundtrack to the Confessions Of A Teenage Drama Queen movie.

*The Bratz Rock Angelz album what is sold in Wal-Mart has a code to download the song, Grow up (Blah, Blah, Blah)

*The first single, "So Good's" lyrics are not the same in every media. In the CD, and its music video after "Out of our heads/Into our hearts" comes "Close to the Edge". But in the movie and the exclusive mini-CD what is included on each Bratz Rock Angelz doll, it shouts "Rock Angelz!".

*There is one more Rock Angelz song entitled "Girlz Nite Out." It is said to be on the Rock Angelz single sold in the U.K. Malese Jow, who plays in the Bratz movie, also sings this song.

Bratz Mobile

At the end of 2005, MGA Entertainment entered the lucrative mobile phone market by introducing Bratz Mobile. The lone offering for Bratz Mobile was a Sony Ericsson T290a candybar style mobile phone pre-loaded with exclusive Bratz-themed wallpapers, ringtones, games, and screensavers.

Throw a Bratz Girls Sleep Over Party

Bratz action movie debuts in August, 2007

MGA Entertainment, Avi Arad Productions and Crystal Sky Pictures announced that they were to jointly produce a Bratz live action movie to be released on August 3, 2007. The movies are now available on DVD.

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