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The Lens of the Year

Updated on November 24, 2008

On March 30, 2007, Squidoo was one year and 100,000 lenses older

Actually, it's YOUR best stuff. Here's a collection of all our past Lens of the Day winners from 2006 and 2007. Which one was THE best?

Update: We have a winner! 


On March 30, 2007, at 5:00pm EST, SquidCentral was proud to announce that John Fenzel's lens, Thirteen Days in October: The Cuban Missile Crisis has won The Lens of the Year contest by popular vote.

John is the author of the novel, The Lazarus Covenant. Learn more about him at and be sure to explore his other fantastic lenses.

Congratulations, too, to our illustrious runners-up and their wonderful work.

Winner! Thirteen Days in October: The Cuban Missile Crisis by John Fenzel: 175 points

Second Place-- Starlings in the Family by ronnidkm: 161 points

Third Place-- Stained Glass Windows by ralley: 156 points

Third and a half place-- Michelangelo's David by Margaret Schaut: 117 points

Third and 3/4 place-- Save Lives in Africa by Matthew Smith: 68 points

There were hundreds more lenses in the competition. See them all here. But watch out, you may spend the next 2 hours learning something new!


A year is a long time in the internet world!

Thanks to ALL our lensmasters for sharing their passions and knowledge and opinions on their lenses.

And to the core team at Squidoo who makes the magic: Corey, Megan, Gil and Jill. We've had some help along the way from Sahadeva, Talia, Heath, Viget Labs, Lisa, Harper, Greg, Aaron, Red and Tom. And to the Citizen Squids, who keep it real: Kimberly, Damon, Jeffry, Lewis, Angela, Kate, Curtis, Marti and Tim.


See for yourself...

Here's our growth over the last year on Alexa.


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