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Thief Chapter 8 the Dawns Light Walkthrough

Updated on March 6, 2014

The Graven have built a large ship called the Dawns Light. And Orion has managed to confine Erin in it. Garrett must get into the ship and rescue Erin by removing the primal energy from her body. This will guide Garrett with a walkthrough of chapter 8 and the final chapter of thief.

  • Garrett will start his journey in an eerie dimly lit mine. The monsters here will be Freaks.

Garrett can either sneak past them, or he can attack them. It may be better to conserve ammo and focus and health for the Graven.

  • So look around for an opening in the north wall. Crouch sneak into it and get into a crawl space and proceed to the tunnels.

For the combative route, go into the west passage. Take him down with a fire arrow. Garrett can also use the flammable liquid in the lower passage. Continue on in the passageway until Garrett reaches a locked door. Pick its lock when the freak on the other side has moved away. Open the door and then fire a fire arrow at the flammable liquid, killing the freak.

  • Look for and finish off the other freaks in this area.

Finally, find an area of the wall that will allow Garrett to get to a higher passage. Get to a high crawl space and then get to the mine rail. Garrett will know he is on the right track when he reaches a locked door here. Pick and go through, and Garrett will get to the Dawn's Light..

Thief Find A Way to the Boat

Head to the ship the Dawns Light. The action resumes with the captain speaking to a Graven. Then the Graven moves towards Garrett. Either wait for the Graven to move past, or knock him out and steal his purse.

Next, look for a secret crawl space somewhere around here. Go through the crawlspace and then get to the wall's pipes. Move across the pipes. The objective is a ledge to the west. There will be a Graven near Garrett as he moves towards the bottom of the pipe. Get down from the pipe and get into the shadows. Then eliminate the Graven using Garrett's favorite method.

The next targets are a treasure room here and the captain. Crouch sneak behind the captain and knock him out. Continue moving and taking out the Graven. Eventually find a crawl space and get nearer towards the Dawn's Light.

Thief Board the Dawn's Light

  • Garrett will have to board the Dawn's Light. There is a merchant here in the tunnel. Trade and then prepare for the battles ahead.

Next, make a decision to loot the docks before the Dawn's Light, or move ahead towards the ship. If Garrett wants to loot the docks, then defeat the Graven here.

To board the Dawn's Light, either -

  • use a rope arrow and attach it to the overhead anchor beam.
  • Or get to the scaffolding and get onto the ship.

Thief Dawn's Light Treadwheel Deck

  • Garrett is on the Treadwheel Deck.

Move via a series of pipes and reach some solid ground. There is a Graven here. Sneak behind him, and defeat him. Continue eliminating Graven until Garrett reaches a crawl space. Get through the ship via this crawl space.

  • Or Garrett can continue with his stealthy methodical defeat of the Graven.

Eventually, Garrett will have to go through a window and get to a cargo lift.

Thief Dawn's Light Stowage Deck

The lift will bring Garrett to the lower deck. There is a Graven with a crossbow here. Defeat him. Again, repeat the situation of going on and then taking out the Gravens.

  • Finally, get to a balcony and look up to see some rope anchor beams. Fire a rope arrow up there and then move along to the ship's south side.
  • There is an alternative way of getting to the south side without rope arrows, but that will take much longer.

Thief Follow Erin's Trail

Garrett is almost at the end of his thieving journey. Go through some doors and get to see Orion's death. Then follow Erin. At some stage, Erin will vanish. Garrett will have to sneak up on her and touch her shoulder to continue.

  • Erin will turn some of the frozen Graven into freaks. Move slowly past these freaks, or eliminate them using blast or fire arrows.

Finally, it's Erin versus Garrett. Garrett tries to steal the primal energy from Erin, but Erin shatters the Primal Stone into three parts.

The three parts of the fragments are -

  • in the chapel's northeast corner.
  • somewhere in the south.
  • near the broken floor to the west.

Thief Defeat Erin

As Garrett tries to reassemble the Primal Stone, Erin will fire off Primal blasts at Garrett. Use columns to block off the Primal blasts. Erin will later split into ghostly specters, which can still damage Garrett if they hit him. Keep doing this, until Garrett recovers all three fragments. Then steal the Primal Energy from Erin.

Congratulations! Garrett has finished the Primal Stone story of Thief. However, he cna go back and redo previous chapters and client jobs.


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