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Things That Need To Be Fixed in NBA 2K16 so NBA 2K17 is enjoyable

Updated on January 10, 2016

NBA 2K16 Game Cover

NBA 2K16 Summary

NBA 2K16 is a sports professional basketball simulation video game developed by Visual Concepts and published by 2K Sports. It is the 17th installment in the NBA 2K franchise and the successor to NBA 2K15. Players play with real or simulated players and teams in various game modes, such as MyCareer, MyTeam, and standard games. The players on NBA 2k16 found in various packs are either current or historic players with certain attributes and stats. Their are other variations of players in cards, like Dynamic Ratings, Moments, TBT, and others. The main objective for MyCareer is you are a simulated player trying to get drafted, but you are never drafted, sso you are on a journey to sign undrafted with a team. Once you decide what team, tryout and hopefully be accepted, you begin you NBA Career. The main objective for MyTeam is you assemble a team of whoever you want, following certain restrictions for each seed, and play real people and see who's team is better. The overall purpose of NBA 2K16 is for other people to have fun and interact with other people, but below are the flaws of NBA 2K16 gameplay and packs.

Kevin Durant NBA 2K16 Player Simulation with Overall Rating

5 of the Most Things That Need To Change About NBA 2K16

  • Stealing Animations. Their are times when if you are going for the steal off of a pass, the players will just tip the ball, when in real life that player would have easily caught it for the steal, but the CPU will either deflect the pass and the other team retains possession, or they tip it and it goes to another teammate, or it just goes out of bounds.
  • Dunk Animations. 9 times out of 10 if you are on the fast break and you go for the dunk with a defender right behind you, you are going to get the dunk blocked. Ever since the game's most recent patch, things like this are happening more frequently and more unrealistically. So, if you are on the fast break, take a lay-up. The chance for getting a lay-up blocked is very high, but not as high as the dunk.
  • Passes going to the Wrong Person. If you have someone wide open in the corner for a three, very unlikely, but it will happen, you press the button to pass to that person, a glitch will make the ball go to someone else, so be prepared if that happens to you.
  • Players in Packs. Their are players that are place in packs in NBA 2K16 every year, but their are also some that are never or rarely in packs or every been in packs in the 2K franchise, like Chris Webber, Charles Barkley, and so on.
  • Ball going through your Player's Body [Parts]. Bad ball Tangibility, or the ball going through your players arm has been a big complaint for a few years now, but it still continues to haunt players on defense. The ball will be passed and go through your arms, when in real life would be deflected or stolen.

James Harden NBA 2K16 Player Simulation

Video Below of someone else's perspective

In the video below, you will see a man who regularly plays NBA 2K16, who found some flaws of NBA 2K16 and his evidence for his perspective of the things that need to change about the game to make it actually worth the money anyone would spend on it and make it enjoyable for everyone to play to where no one will ever have to worry about a bad glitch that might cost them the game or bad animations that will just plain and simple make someone frustrated. Big NBA 2K16 gamers like CashNasty, OSN, Jesserthelazer, and many more have had problems with the game for a long time now and the problem are continuing to happen and they are and everyone else is getting very upset and frustrated at the bad animations in gameplay and the player cards that are continually in the game. I think this game would be better if they fix the problems I have stated above and the problems stated in the video below.

TOP 5 WTF's I Don't Want To See In NBA 2K16

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