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Top Ten Things Wrong With Dragonball Xenoverse

Updated on June 28, 2017

Dragonball Xenoverse is another game in the anime and manga Dragonball line up. The game has you creating a character from a few races: Namekian's, Majin's, Humans, Saiyan's or a member of the Frieza Race. You get to go through a pretty good story line, collect different gear and skills as well as buy some, work under some cool martial artist masters. But it isn't all perfect. Here are some things I believe are bad in the game, these are my personal opinions so please stay calm.

#10, Bad AI. Like many games NPC's in game have a programming, you know telling them how to act or what to say. However it seems like the ally NPC's do not know what the hell they are supposed to do. Many times they fly around and don't attempt in any way to help, other times they will try to help but they do so little damage it doesn't do anything at all except make the problem slightly better, but not really. Even when choosing the most powerful characters on some missions they still don't offer much in terms of attacking. However while they don't help much in offensive they do make pretty good healers, when able to they always come over and heal.

#9, Getting Ganged Up On. Unlike in Dragonball Raging Blast where it is one on one you have to go against multiple opponents in the game, sometimes it will be a simple one on one though. What gets annoying is when facing a character lets say Cell I will try and attack, but he will run away constantly, but when I go for somebody else then they begin to attack. Many times it feels like I am getting ganged up on and they are just tagging in and out, it makes it even harder when you cannot dodge them all or attack when character without getting attacked from behind. It isn't entirely bad but when a full group of enemies swarm you it is near impossible to do anything but pray.

#8, Cannot Block. Well technically you can block it doesn't work well, least for me anyways. Like in other DB games in order to block or reflect an attack back at an enemy you must press the block button right before the attack hits, it doesn't work for me. Many times I will try to block right when the attack hits and I will either get hit by the attack or just straight up not do anything, however the times I just try to plain block and not attempt to deflect is when it decides to finally freaking work.

#7, The Attributes/Gear. Of course in this game you level up, what else did you expect? When leveling up each level gives you about three points to use, you can distribute them into a few categories depending on what you want to level up. When gaining new clothes as well they also say it can help raise your attributes. But I have not really seen any change to be honest, it doesn't seem to do much. My one character I had over eighty points for health but it wasn't that much and some outfits are supposed to boost your stuff quite alot as well and that doesn't seem to work either, maybe I just suck at the game.

#6, Spammers. This is more focused at the NPC's of the game: Vegeta, Gohan, Cell I am looking at you. Many of the characters in the game for some reason just love to spam their ultimate attacks and taking back to my can't really block problem that makes this a little worse and adding onto the ganging up part it is even worse. Several missions have you facing characters who endlessly spam their attacks which makes it hard to get anything done, also in this game you cannot negate their specials by hitting them like in other games. Well some attacks you can but not all.

#5, Enemy Endless Ki And Stamina. Enemies tend to have way more Ki and Stamina then they should, or I am just paranoid. Countless times I have tried to lay the smack down on an enemy only to have them constantly teleport or use their evade technique. Now unless they have an abnormally high amount of stamina they should only be able to do their dodges three or so times, their evasive maneuver even less then that. Also the characters who endlessly spam their ultimate's never have to charge their Ki, which kinda makes me feel like I am at a disadvantage.

#4, Some Enemies Aren't Effected By Attacks. Enemies like Mira, Whis, Beerus, Demigra are able to get hit by your melee attacks and not be flinched by them like other enemies. Not being able to land a combo without getting hit and return makes the battle a little harder. I remember fighting Mira for the first time and I was so mad because I couldn't attack him or do anything, he constantly blocked it out. What this means is they can basically hit you back no matter what, they are pretty much blocking your punches with their face. It makes it a little annoying when you cannot do anything since they cannot be flinched are are constantly in your face, but sometimes you can flinch them if you hit them enough without them hitting back., It helps at times.

#3, Ending Was Terrible. If you have not played the end of the game I suggest you do not read this part, SPOILER WARNING! Demon God Demigra one of the main antagonists of the game you fight multiple times, the final time however he transforms and it is pretty awesome. But the thing is he was weak. Earlier in the game you are tasked with defeating Beerus The God of Destruction and Whis his trainer, safe to say the battle can be incredibly tough. The two constantly tag in and out with hitting you, they have strong attacks, are able to not be flinched, have large health pools and you only get one person to help and he sucks. So after a long and grueling battle if you win you are allowed to fight Demigra alone. Once you go past the events that lead up to the final battle you fight the transformed Demigra and he is very easy ti fight, then later in the battle Goku comes in and joins the fray which makes the battle even easier. It was disappointing.

#2, The Story Is The Same. In most DB games I have played you do the same thing, fight the three main baddies of DBZ and then that's it. In Xenoverse it is the same but with some differences here and there. You get more battles within the arcs such as against The Ginyu Force and more evil enhanced versions of enemies. But it is all relatively the same, but the biggest difference is you are a time patroller and are tasked with making the the time line stays all and well and that no distortions go unchecked. While it is the same basically I do enjoy the twist that they had put in it.

#1, No Multiplayer Till After The Game Is Beaten. Maybe it was just me or I had missed something but going through the game and what not I saw that you could enter tournaments, I was like Hellyeah dude lets do it. But then I get to find out that I cannot do it for some reason, once again it could be that I had missed something but I do not know.

Conclusion: The game is very fun albeit with some very aggravating parts, it has some pretty good visuals and the characters can have some cool interactions with your character. I do very much enjoy the game but like many games nothing can be perfect.


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