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Things Wrong With Kingdom Hearts

Updated on May 20, 2017

Things Wrong With Kingdom Hearts.

Kingdom Hearts is a great game, I just want to say that right away, but even the greatest of games has some flaws and things that don't really make much sense. Video-games are like a story book. They have a plot, characters, enemies and an ending. Well a little more then just that, but they are relatively the same. However books are primarily read with no power over what happens, in most games the air is the same but at times you can change everything with just a single move.

Kingdom Hearts 1.5 Remix and 2.5 is what I will talk about. The story first starts off on The Destiny Islands where the main characters reside. Some bad things happen and Sora ends up in another world, he tries to find his friend Kairi, a Princess of the light. The game has alot of twists and turns but I'll start now.

The Heartless/Nobodies: The Heartless are created from the darkness in peoples heart, once the heart becomes corrupted by the darkness the person turns into said Heartless. They are the primary enemy in Kingdom Hearts both 1 and 2. The Nobodies are created when a person with a strong heart loses their heart, the left over husk of a body turns into a Nobody. The Nobodies were in the second game and is one of the first enemies you meet.

What I didn't like about the nobodies is that they were no talked about in the first game. The first game said what the Heartless were and how they were created but neglected to say that the Nobodies were formed once the heart leaves the body. They randomly appear in the second game and are said to be part of the process when one loses their heart. With powerful beings like Yen Sid and Maleficient who live in the world you would think that they would be able to see such a thing.

The Bosses: The bosses inn Kingdom Hearts are a big thing, like in most RPG's the bosses define the difficulty of the game. Some can be rather easy while others are damn near impossible. Many of the KH bosses always seem to heavily out match Sora and Riku. Sora, while being a Keyblade user has never trained, unless you count the training on Destiny Island but that was with no master. He is then said in the second game that he is a master of the blade.

Many bosses such as Ansem, Xemnas and many of Organization 13 members always seem to outclass the player. And many times once beaten they transform into an even stronger form.

In the last part of the game you fight Ansem three times. Once with Donald and Goofy, then alone but this time Ansem has his shadow, then thirdly when Ansem transforms into a giant battleship like thing. Xemnas when you fight in The World that never was, has Lightsaber like weapons and the power over Electricity. Then when you fight him again towards the end of the game he has power over both light and darkness, How does he get such a giant shift in power? How does he automatically know how to use it? Why is nearly every boss in this game a god? Honestly. Xehanort in Birth By Sleep has the power to command thousands of forgotten keyblades, he has the power to summon large chunks of stone out of the ground. What is the point of having a keyblade if you can simply crush your opponent under a mountain? Speaking of Keyblades.

Keyblade: The Keyblade is said to only choose Wielders with strong hearts, since the game centers around that sort of thing of course it does. The Keyblade in the first game was built to be this magical weapon, able to close the doors between worlds and open a numerous amount of locks. Yet during the next game several other people have Keyblades, in fact you find out that there was a Keyblade war, which really kinda dumbs down the uniteness of the Keyblade, especially thousands of people had wield them one time or another.

Magic: Magic is a big thing in the kingdom hearts world. Blizzara, Firaga, Thunder, Heal and dozens more are usually stuffed into these games. But I have a question oh wise Game Creators, Why does nearly every enemy have the magical ability to warp reality or tear apart the fragments of space and time? Honestly. Several evil figures in the Kingdom Hearts universe somehow has access to magic that can destroy building, summon massive monsters and wipe out large hordes of enemies. Its ridiculous.

Powerful Allies: With several of The Kingdom Hearts games centered around saving the world you would think alot of people would raise their blades to help fight off the evil hordes of adorable little Heartless. Yen Sid, Merlin, Cloud Strife, Stitch and more. Surely these people could be of assistance. Yen Sid for pete sake is a powerful wizard capable of seeing things happening in the stars, also him and Merlin are two of the most powerful magic users in the game, it evens says so in their description. Why couldn't I get a helping hand when I kept dying because of Maleficient's dragon form?

Random Popping-up Enemies: Yes I know many of the games have enemies who randomly pop out of nowhere, its ridiculous. The funny thing is many times they appear when after your done talking to someone, I suppose I should be happy they didn't kill me when I was having my conversation. I don't honestly know if it is to get right back into the action or what, but is indeed strange to have enemies pop up after a pointless conversation but not after one of those long and emotional cut scenes. Come on I wanna see somebody get pissed and slaughter some heartless because they ruined a rather cute moment, show me your Grr face.

Lack Of Any Citizens: Sure you get some supporting characters and what not, a few times in the beginning of KH2 you even get to see some people who you don't know from a Disney movie, but in a game full of multiple worlds it's rather strange that the main inhabitants are heartless. Take Birth By Sleep for example, once you enter the Olympus Coliseum you are eventually signed up to battle. When Phil informs you of the rule he says other have also signed up for the Tournament yet when you go into fight they are Heartless. So your gonna tell me Heartless/Unversed/Nobodies, the guys who are the main enemies of the game are just signing up to fight in the tournament? What makes it even worse is that they don't care, they act like they are just normal guys yet when the same Heartless go out to attack some towns they are suddenly treated as a threat. Honestly, such open worlds but so little people there.

Some Of The Story Lines: As usual in the two KH games you go into some worlds and save the day, usually The Heartless are running a muck and you are tasked with defeating them. However. In KH1 once you enter Atlantis you help Ariel defeat Ursula and save the day, however in the second game Ursula is still alive and apparently Ariel has had to meet the prince all over again. Yet in the first game when you help Jack Skellington it continues the story in the second game correctly, it was a little confusing.

Conclusion: Anyways I like the game, while some of the stories might stray here and there from their main plot I still enjoy the games. I really wish they wouldn't make every boss basically a god but it's whatever, also if they actually added some people to go into many of the worlds that would be awesome as well. It is strange to wander around large cities and the like to kill some baddies to not have any actual civilians be screaming in terror or trying to help me, in any case that's all I got.. Anyways ta-ta.


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