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Things You Can Do In Videogames But Not In Real Life

Updated on April 15, 2009

List #1

I'm a gamer. I love videogames on just about every platform. The fantasy environment makes a nice release from reality. After all, some days you just really need to shoot something. In general, you don't want that to occur in real life. Here are some other things off the top of my head that you can do in videogames that probably couldn't in real life.

  • Hit random people with a sword, and they just act annoyed
  • Heal mortal wounds by eating meat and fruit
  • Throw fireballs at things just because you can
  • Get bit by a poisonous snake and survive just by waiting for the poison to wear off
  • Bring a dead buddy back to life with a household object
  • After eating a particularly spicy food item, gain the ability to breath fire
  • Solve simple problems with excessive violence and suffer no ill consequences
  • Carry 200 pounds of gear in your back pocket
  • Hit 'Reset' after you do or say something stupid
  • Survive being bit, slashed, crushed, and blown up, only to die from a little girl kicking you in the shin
  • Run everywhere you go, just because you can
  • Talk to 5 people in 30 seconds and have all of them run out of new things to talk about
  • Make money by slaughtering innocent wildlife
  • Spend the better part of a day on fire
  • Buy groceries, new shoes, chainmail armor, a magic amulet, and a new pet all in the same store. And it's not a Walmart.
  • Drink a strange-colored elixir you found lying on the ground, and something good happens

I hope you found this as amusing to read as I did to write it. I'll probably add more if I think of them. Or just make a sequel of some kind.


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      pj 5 years ago


    • profile image

      issues veritas 8 years ago

      kill people or monsters

      drive fast, dangerously and cause accidents

      fly a plane of any size and not die if it crashes

      come back to life after being killed and kill the killer because now you have the advantage of knowing what is going to happen next.

      use real life weapons in battlefield scenarios

      play sports that you are not able to or just not good at in real life.