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Thomas and Friends Games

Updated on October 8, 2012


Top 5 Thomas and Friends Games

Thomas and Friends Board Games teach children while they're having fun.

Thomas and his friends are child-like characters who experience the same things that young children do.

As children get to know Thomas and his friends, they learn about relationships, they learn what is acceptable behaviour and what is not.

Children learn when it's appropriate to say thankyou and please and I'm sorry. Children learn the value of friendship and the importance of being a good listener. Children learn about the value of hard work and the meaning of leadership.

All photographs on this page (C) Carolyn Whitley


What Do You Know About James?

James is the Number 5 Engine. He is a medium sized engine and can pull both passenger coaches and freight cars.

James thinks very highly of himself and often gets into trouble when he thinks he should only pull coaches and not the trucks. He loves being a red engine. He is a hard working engine and is reliable, although sometimes he can be shallow, boastful and naughty. He considers himself a Really Splendid Engine.


No 1 Thomas and Friends Games

Thomas & Friends Make-A-Match Game
Thomas & Friends Make-A-Match Game

Teach your child how to recognize and memorize images with the help of Thomas & Friends Make-A-Match Game.


How to Play

This simple match card game will enable your child to match their favorite Thomas and friends characters. Begin this game by scattering all the cards face down, flip one card then the next. If it gets its match, remove the two cards and carry on with the next. This game is good for one to four players and the player with the most match wins.

Even pre-school kids can play this because they easily recognize and match things by the images.


Henry the Number 3 Engine

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Engine with Number 3 on his flanks is named Henry the Green Engine.

He was originally a small firebox engine. He was often sick and was a lacking steamer, until he was rebuilt to his present shape which completely healed him. Henry now pulls coaches and hauls trucks and the postmaster on the Island of Sodor.


No 3 Thomas and Friends Games

Thomas and Friends Birthday Surprise Game
Thomas and Friends Birthday Surprise Game

Are you looking for a new game or fun thing to do? Try Thomas and Friends Birthday Surprise Game. Both kids and families will enjoy this game. This game is perfect for all pre-schoolers and Thomas and friends fans as well.


Children will Experience a Train Ride Adventure in this Game.

Players will have a train ride in order to reach the next stop and get the party favors that come along. This game is a race to see who finds the most matches.

Building memory and matching skills are taught to children while playing this game.

In this game, there are small items included that is not suitable for kids who are below three years old.


Henry, Gordon, James, Percy, Thomas,

Seeing all these amazing characters on these cards are totally awesome. Children will be excited to play along with their friends and families.

Can you imagine the joy they will feel when they turn a card up and see one of their favourite Thomas characters? Maybe they will find Percy, Thomas, Henry or even Edward’s happy faces, to name a few.

Why Are Games Good for Children?

Games are a fun way to teach children. Games teach children to work together and take turns. It helps in their comprehension, memory skills and fine motor skills.

What's more, when children are having fun they often don't even realise that they are learning.


Getting to Know Fergus

Fergus is a sticker for the rule book and knows it by heart. He often tries to get the other engines to follow it as closely as he does, and often causes friction when he does.

He is very good at shunting the trucks at the Cement Works. He is a reliable engine.

No 5 Thomas and Friends Games

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