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Thomas and His Friends

Updated on October 6, 2012
Bluewren56 profile image

Carolyn loves having fun with children and knows that children learn better if they're having fun also.

Thomas, the Number 1 Engine.
Thomas, the Number 1 Engine.

The World of Thomas

Thomas and his friends come from the series written by Reverend Wilbert Awdry Rev Awdry wrote them while his son was sick and feeling lonely.

It is one of the all time favourites for young children, where they enter into the lives of Thomas and his friends on the Island of Sodor.

All photographs on this page (C) Carolyn Whitley


Duck's real name is “Montague”. He is the number 8 green pannier tank engine. He is the character that works closely with the Fat Controller and runs his own rails. Has a strong work ethic.

A Much-Loved Duck Engine

Donald and Douglas

Donald and Douglas are the serious and solemn 0-6-0 twin Scottish engines who are painted black and have red nameplates that has gold writing on it. Donald is the number 9 and Douglas is the number 10 in the group. At first, the Fat Controller thought that it was just one engine that would arrive from Scotland, but then decided to keep both the twins… if it wasn’t for the Fat Controller they would have been scrapped.

Bill and Ben

Bill and Ben are painted dark yellow with red lines. They are the engine twins who work for the China Clay Company. These 0-4-0 tank engines are young and mischievous, and love to play jokes on other bigger engines.



Arthur is the 2-6-2 tank engine who bears the color of maroon with gold stripes. He is the engine who always has a bad feeling about Thomas, who had tricked him once. Despite the rocky start to their friendship, they do end up friends.



Oliver is the engine that was painted green and had the number 11 painted on him, when he arrived at Sodor.


Murdoch is an engine based on the “BR Standard Class 9F” engines. He is a shy type of engine and prefers to work in the quiet parts of Sodor, that is because he hates noise. He is a large and strong orange coloured engine and is the biggest of them all… the reason why he often carries large loads.


Stepney is the 0-6-0 tank locomotive engine that loves to work and always enjoys a long run… even pulling the trucks. His enthusiasm, combined with his friendliness, makes visitors to the Fat Controller’s railway, feel welcome.

Thomas and His Many Friends

Who is Your Favourite Character on the Island of Sodor?

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Fergus is the 2-2-0 pride of cement works. He is a dark royal blue engine with red wheels. He is an engine who always values rules and regulations and knows the rule book by heart. He often annoys the other engines because of this, however, he is good natured and will help the other engines.



Harvey is painted burgundy with gold lining. He is the 4101 crane engine of the Fat Controller’s railway. He is the one assigned to do the loading and the rescue jobs. Although he initially looked strange to the other engines, he proved himself to be a really useful engine. Sometimes he makes a big fuss about the other engines.

Do You Know Some Thomas Fans?

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    • JakeFrost profile image

      Jake Frost 

      6 years ago from London, United Kingdom

      I used to love the old wooden train sets, couldn't get me off them. It's great to learn about the characters and bits about Thomas, hopefully I can impress my friends' children with my superior knowledge of their favourite toy.

      Great hub, well done!

      Voted up and awesomed!

      ~ Jake


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