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Thomas the Tank Engine - Toys we still don't own

Updated on March 13, 2011

Even a Thomas Birthday Cake

We switched the No.1 for 5 as it was his fifth birthday
We switched the No.1 for 5 as it was his fifth birthday

Thomas Thomas and more Thomas

When my two year old son decided to show an interest in the Thomas the Tank engine cartoons on TV I was not prepared for the obsession that it would become. Three years later as he turned five he was still as much into Thomas as before.

It is easy to get him a gift that he will like, all you need to do it make sure it is part of the Thomas universe and he is bound to jump with joy when he gets it. The only trouble is we are now running out of toys to be bought in the stores.

Every city we visit we comb the malls to see what Thomas the Tank Engine toys are available with them. The exercise usually results in a couple of new additions to the collection at home. Unfortunately now it is becoming more and more difficult to find a toy that we don't already own.

Update Jan 2011

Well when this hub began I had over twenty toys on the list and now its dwindled down to barely half a dozen. Guess the collection at home is growing by leaps and bounds. We now have Victor and Kevin and all the engines mentioned on the left here.

Family and friends end up spending good money on toys that we already have. The duplicates are fast increasing in the closet and I feel bad that they spent so much money on something that he already owns.

So I came up with this list of toys which we do not yet. And I know these will soon be in the toy closet so check with me before you decide to pick up something for him! Although i have warned him that the next toy he will get will be for Christmas.

The list on the right is what he is really looking forward to. Victor, Annie and Clarabel, Diesel and Kevin the Crane.In fact after watching Hero of the Rails he is quite fascinated with Kevin! So that will be the one I end up buying next.

The list below is made up of other engines and toys that he does not own as yet.


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    • profile image

      cashmere lashkari 6 years ago

      Oliver you can find them on amazon

    • profile image

      oliver (c/o Tracey) 6 years ago

      My shopping list consists of Dash, Bash and Ferdinand from Misty Island also Bill and Ben, Arry and Bert and Duck.

      Keep telling my mummy but she does not find them.