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Thomas the Train Games

Updated on November 29, 2012
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Carolyn loves having fun with children and knows that children learn better if they're having fun also.

Fun with Thomas the Train Games

Top 5 Thomas the Train Games

Thomas the Tank Engine is a fun way for children to learn about emotions and relationships.

As children watch the child-like characters, they will see many emotions and frustrations that they themselves will go through.

Children will learn when it is appropriate to say please and thankyou and sorry. Children will learn that it is good for them to know and understand why they feel and act the way they do and they will be shown acceptable ways to respond.

Children learn to look after themselves and others as well.

All photographs on this page (C) Carolyn Whitley

Thomas the Tank Engine

Thomas is certainly the favourite for young Thomas fans.

Thomas the Tank Engine is the Number 1 engine. He has six small wheels, and is a short and stumpy engine, with his funnel, boiler and dome all being a bit of a stumpy shape.

Thomas is a cheeky and a fussy engine. The coaches that he usually pulls are Annie and Clarabel. Thomas is often over zealous which usually gets him into trouble.

But Is It Educational?

If you are looking for an educational game that will help your child enhance his or her ability when it comes with letters, words and numbers, then this is the game for you.

It is quite easy to use and very educational for your child. It is so fun to watch that your child will choose it over playing other games.

This game will keep your child busy for thirty minutes, but know that your child will be learning some listening skills, letter recognition and word building. Counting, time and clocks are also included here, so your child will learn how to read and calculate time.



The Steam Team

Emily the Sterling Engine is a dark green engine with large driving wheels and a shiny valve cover. She is the only female engine among the pack. She can be difficult to work with at times due to her bossy attitude.

Thomas the Tank Engine and Percy the Small Engine sometimes treat her as a big sister. Emily, along with Thomas, Percy, Edward, James, Gordon, Henry, and Toby are called The Steam Team.

So Many Fun Characters

Which Is Your Favourite Engine?

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The Many Friends of Thomas the Tank Engine

Thomas the Tank Engine

One of the most popular engine characters you can find is Thomas the Tank Engine. He is a cheeky and fussy little engine who has the number 1 sign on his tender. Having Thomas around makes his friend’s day very happy. He is never unfair to his buddies, and always plays the role of a peacemaker.

Spotlight Car

The Adventures of Thomas the Tank Engine

In the game, Thomas is caught in situations where he must pass one stage before he can proceed to the next one. Thomas is very creative, and whatever situation he faces, he finds a way to get through and succeed with his mission.

Children will learn about these positive traits of Thomas while they are playing the games in this game pack. Being creative and resourceful is encouraged in this game as children focus on the goal. This game will certainly add to the adventures for your children while playing with Thomas and his friends.

Mighty Mac

What Do You Love Most About Thomas the Tank Engine Series?

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    • pstraubie48 profile image

      Patricia Scott 

      6 years ago from sunny Florida

      O I have to share this with my daughter. She recently painted my grandson's room in scenes from Sodor with many trains running including of course Thomas. I have shared a hub about the whole room transformation here on hubpages.

      What I love most about Thomas is the lessons that are presented in a story that children can understand. My grandson will stop and look and say , sad, when he sees an unhappy looking train car...and we talk about it.

      This is a great little hub. Thank you for sharing this with us.


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