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Thomas the Train Toys

Updated on October 10, 2012
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Carolyn loves having fun with children and knows that children learn better if they're having fun also.


Top 5 Thomas the Train Toys

Thomas the train toys are a great way to encourage children in their play and their personal development.Thomas and his friends are very child-like in personality and children easily relate to the characters.

Children watch the trains as they bump into each other and cause friction, they watch as the Fat Controller comes to sort it all out and then as the trains say sorry or thankyou. Children learn through the example of theses characters, about relationships and understanding emotions, and are very good for teaching good moral values.

All photographs on this page (C) Carolyn Whitley

Annie and Clarabel

Annie and Clarabel are Thomas' faithful coaches. They are both passenger coaches and nearly always work together, with Clarabel also carrying a guard and the luggage. They will often help Thomas by warning him of any danger that is coming.

They were given to Thomas because he proved that he was a really useful engine and it is usually Thomas that pulls them. Thomas hates being separated from them and gets jealous whenever any of the other engines pull them. It is on rare occasions when Thomas is very busy, that the Fat Controller will ask Percy or Toby will pull them.


No 1 Thomas the Train Toys

Fisher-Price DoodlePro, Thomas the Tank Engine Doodle Pal
Fisher-Price DoodlePro, Thomas the Tank Engine Doodle Pal

Let your child’s imagination roam with a Thomas the Train toy doodler!


What Can Your Child Do With A Doodler?

Your child can use the doodler to draw his favourite cartoon character, practice writing his name or play tic-tac-toe with a friend.There are so many fun uses for it.

Using a doodler is entertaining, but also a very effective method to use in helping your child discovers his/her drawing skills and develop them even further.

Encourage your child’s creativity at an early age and stimulate their growth with fun and educational toys and they will enjoy learning.


Who is Percy?

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Percy's Character

Percy originally came to the Island of Sodor to do the shunting at the main station. The tender engines, Gordon, Henry and James had refused to shunt their own trains, and so another train, Percy, was brought in to do the work.

He is a happy engine, also the youngest and smallest of the main steam engines. He enjoys his work and is often a bit cheeky.


The Smelting Truck on the Island of Sodor

We Used To Call Him...The Fat Controller

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Children Learn from Thomas the Tank Engine

Children easily relate to Thomas' good character and funny personality. They enjoy watching Thomas and his friends’ adventures and escapades where they feel as if they’re one of the characters in the story or in the movie.

As children watch the way Thomas copes with his problems, fears and struggles they learn how they themselves can cope with these problems in life.

Harold the Helicopter

How Well Do You Know Harold the Helicopter

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The Whirlybird

Harold the Helicopter is white with a thin red stripe.

He likes to keep an eye on the happenings on the Island of Sodor, will come very quickly come to the rescue when needed. He loves the speed that flying gives him.

He is a friendly character and is a good friend to Percy. He is often referred to as the whirlybird.

The Character of Thomas the Tank Engine

Thomas has a very pleasing personality. He is very compassionate and loyal to his friends and he will always be there to help a friend in need without expecting anything in return.

Likewise, the competitiveness of Thomas shows children the importance of perseverance and hard work with everything they do.


Do You Have A Favourite Thomas the Tank Engine Character?

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