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Thomas wooden train sets for kids

Updated on November 25, 2016
Thomas train images
Thomas train images | Source

When we were children, we always fascinated by the whistling sound of train. Imitating that we 3, 4 children used to become trains coach and engine and make whistling sound. Although there are number of toys available in the market, but toy train will always remain fascinating and exciting toy for small children. The attraction for it is so natural that you can’t stop it. So this hub will take you through beautiful trains and train set. These toy trains are thoroughly tested and used by number small sweet kids. Therefore you can sure about its quality.

Thomas the Train: TrackMaster Thomas Rides the Rails

Toy train for kids ages 3 to 6 year old

Thomas train set are mostly liked by the toddlers beacuse of its authentic design.Other than that it resembles with american railway also.These train set are tested multiple times and best seller in their category because of their durability.Thomas the Train: TrackMaster Thomas Rides the Rails Starter set includes 1 thomas tank engine,tracks and station.Here the trackmaster thomas,moves the train through curved tracks,if required loads goods and halts in station for passengers. Thomas the train is suitable for sweet kids of age 3 to 6 years.

Thomas & Friends: Take-n-Play The Great Quarry Climb

Thomas & Friends: Take-n-Play The Great Quarry Climb is unique toy and will certainly be liked by you loving child.Your thomas(child) moves the train through different tracks,climbs up the quarry hill.In the hill thomas wagon unloads cargo,on moving forward again cargo car loads the stone.When your child will receive it,the joy and happiness he will get from this is simply priceless

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Wooden Railway Set

As the kids come in 3 years of age their mind begin to develop. They look for toys that they see in their surroundings. Mellisa deluxe train is the best toy for your developing kid. Melisa deluxe train will surely be appreciated by your small loving child because it has all wooden body from its engine, coaches to truck. Only the wheels and bridges are made from plastic. Because of its wooden design,Mellisa toy train is very durable and last long. It comes with 100 wooden track sections which provides good foundation to the train. The most important accessories for this train set is Melissa & multi Activity table which helps in easy arrangement of the set and keeps all train pieces safe. Mellisa deluxe train and its table are complementary.

Mellissa wooden train table
Mellissa wooden train table | Source

Thomas And Friends Wooden Railway - Thomas the Tank Engine

Toy train for kids 2 to 5 year old

In the todays age of machines ,there are very few toys made by hand.Human touch makes the toy look real because only human hands can feel real inner feeling of small child.These thomas tank engine are solely made from wooden by human hands.All engines are colored in different colour to give it beautiful look.Other than that its 6 wheels are made of plastic to give it strong grip in train tracks.

These wooden trains are appealing. It is very cheap in its category.It can also be used for decoration in your home.

Step2 Deluxe Canyon Road Train & Track Table

A good toy train requires a good track so that the train can move freely .With lush green fields, movable tracks and bridges Canyon road train & track table is suitable for all type of train whether it Thomas or any other train .All pieces like bridge or tracks are fitted in it permanently so there is no chance of losing or misplacing the part. It is very strong and durable, therefore it can last for very long time.

Electric toy train-Lionel Polar Express Train Set - G-Gauge

Toy for kids above 4 year age

Polar express G-gauge train set is specially made for small kids who wants to feel the excitement of running the train. Polar express body is made up strong durable material. It has one locomotive engine and red, blue coaches that were given old authentic look. It’s real whistling and bell will remind your child about the original train sound.Other than that,Because of its authentic and innovative design, it has got rave review from users.


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