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Three Man - Dice Drinking Game, Rules and How to Play

Updated on August 5, 2011

3 Man

Three man is a drinking game I was taught to play many years ago now, and I recall very well just how good the game was in making you drink. I remember vividly being told the one and only rule a new player needs to know, and of course I remember the first time I was made the 3 Man.

Looking around on the Internet I find different variations in the rules of the game called Three Man, however I am yet to find Three Man Rules the same as I learnt and came to love, so I share with you now.

Firstly the basic rules, and then some additional rules that were always played amongst my group of friends.

The 1 Rule For Beginners

When teaching beginners to play 3 man, all they really need to know is that if they see a 4 and a 1 rolled, they must put a thumb on their forehead and yell Oi!!

Everything else they will pick up along the way

3 Man Requirements

3 Man is an easy game to set up requiring the following.

  • 2 Dice - Standard numbered 6 sided dice are just fine.
  • 1 Rolling surface A coffee table works quite well, not too small not too big. In the absence of a table the floor works if you can mark out a designated rolling area.
  • The Hat. 3 man must be identified by his headwear, anything will do, but generally the crazier the better. many times our 3 Man hat was a ripped up beer box. Pure class.
  • People - 4 or more works best
  • Alcohol - Beer is the recommended beverage for 3 man however it's your choice.

3 Man Rules

Each player rolls 2 dice at a time, and continues to roll until they roll a "Nothing Roll". If a player rolls a Nothing Roll on their first roll of the dice this is deemed a "Virgin Roll" the player drinks and rolls again.

Printable Guide

Printable rule guide
Printable rule guide


  • Double 1's - Cheers!! Social, Everyone has 1 drink.
  • Double 2's, 3's, 4's, 5's - Nominate. Roller gets to nominate that many drinks around the table, multiple drinks can be given to a single person. eg: Double 3's, Roller gets 3 (not 6) drinks to nominate around the table
  • Double 6's - Waterfall!! Everyone has to drink starting at the same time. Roller starts first and everyone must start at the same time, players cannot stop drinking until the person to their right has stopped (unless they finish their vessel).

3 Man

  • 1 & 2 - 3 Man, This is what it's all about, rolling a 1 and a 2 makes you 3 Man, put the hat on and strap in. (If 3 Man rolls a 1 and a 2 he can nominate someone to take the hat)

  • 3 Man has to drink every time a 3 is rolled on any dice, if 2 3's are rolled 3 Man has to drink twice. These are additional drinks and are added to any drinks the 3 man has to consume due to any other rule.

The rest

  • 1 & 4 - Oi!!!,Whenever ANYONE rolls a 1 and a 4 all players must put a thumb on their forehead and yell Oi! last person to do so has to drink.
  • 7 - To The Left, any combination adding up to 7 (5&2, 3&4, 6&1), the player to the left of the roller must drink.
  • 8 - Yourself, any combination (Doubles excepted) adding up to 8 (3&5, 2&6), The roller must drink.
  • 9 - To The Right, any combination adding up to 9 (5&4, 3&6), the player to the right of the roller must drink.

Nothing Roll

  • Nothing Rolls are those that mean nobody drinks and it is the next persons turn to roll the dice. if a Nothing Roll is rolled on the rollers first roll, it is deemed a Virgin Roll, the roller drinks and rolls again.
  • 1&5, 2&4, 4&6, 5&6 are the only dice combinations that are always Nothing/Virgin Rolls.
  • 1&3, 2&3 can be nothing rolls if you have started the game without a 3 Man.


3 Man

  • 1 2 3 Man - This is what it's all about, rolling a 1 and a 2 makes you 3 Man, put the hat on and strap in.
  • While 3 Man the player must wear the 3 Man Hat at all times.
  • The player remains 3 Man until somebody else rolls a 1 and a 2.
  • If 3 Man rolls a 1 and a 2 he then wields the power of being able to make anybody else 3 Man.


Other Rules.

The Above rules are the core rules of 3 Man, and will heave you up and drinking in no time.

The following are rules that should be played either right away if you are comfortable, or as soon as you are familiar with the core rules.

  • Dice Abuse - If a player drops a dice to the floor, or the dice roll off the table this is Dice Abuse and the offender must drink and roll again.
  • No Vessels On The Table - At no time should a player put their Vessel (cup, can, bottle, glass) on the table. Any time a vessel is put on the table offender must drink.
  • Taking The Dice In The Hand - At no time should a player take the dice from the hand of another player. When turns change the dice are to be slid across the table, and the new roller will pick them up off the table. If you take the dice from someones hand you must drink. If when passing the dice the passer is caught out they must drink.

Optional Rules For More Fun

These rules are general rules that I have come across with a number of other drinking games 3 Man just seems to reach and give these rules a big friendly hug. These rules add much to the game and there are many more that I will not be mentioning.

  • No pointing - No finger pointing at all, getting caught pointing with your finger nets you a drink. Alternatives, point with a closed fist or my favourite with your elbow.
  • Don't Say The D word - Don't say "Drink". Consume was the replacement of choice, but saying Drink means you have to.... Consume.
  • Don't Say The S Word - Don't say "Skull". Same as the D word, Consume if you say it.
  • There Is Only Vessel - Whatever you are drinking out of, It's your Vessel. Call it by any other name and you must Consume
  • No Names - Don't call people by their names, you can decide on whether you want to allow nicknames or not, but basically calling someone by their name means you must Consume.
  • Consume With One Hand Only - Make it mandatory to Consume with one hand only, any consumption with the wrong hand requires a further Consume.

As I said above there are many more rules you could enforce in your game, but these optional are the ones that feature most frequently in my experiences with the 3 Man Drinking Game.

Hope this helps you get a cracking game of 3 Man started at your next party, and don't forget, No 3 Man for the Key Man -that means don't Drink and Drive.


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