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Three Reasons You Should NEVER Retire an Arena Run

Updated on August 29, 2016

Ever Get the Feeling You Want to Quit a Terrible Arena Run?

There are lots of reasons why you might want to "retire" an arena run early. Some of them even happen all at once! For example:

  • You were given AWFUL choices and your deck is hideous
  • You just got a Paladin quest through and you rolled a Mage
  • You're sitting on 0-2 and it's not looking promising

It's so easy to simply retire, re-roll, and avoid the pain of knowing that the next loss will be your last. And nothing feels quite as exciting as starting a brand new draft, where crazy combinations and multiple legendary minions await your discovery!

But no matter how bad your draft is, and no matter how quickly you plummeted through those first two losses, here are three good reasons why you should never click that "retire" button, and why you should soldier on with your next game.


1. It Takes Time to Learn Your New Arena Deck

Just like when you first start playing a new Hearthstone deck in constructed format, it takes time to get to know your new arena deck. You can't seriously expect to know your arena deck inside-out the first few times you play. Sure, if you're Kripp you can always expect to top-deck one of your seven Flamestrikes... but in normal circumstances, it takes time before you get a feel for the different cards in your deck, and the probabilities of drawing the ones you need when taking a risk.

The more games you play with any specific deck, the better you will become. This means that even if you've lost two games already, you're actually in a better position to win more games - simply because you know how to handle your deck better.

2. More Loses Equals Easier Opponents

Hearthstone's matching system isn't perfect, but it's pretty damn good. And as a general rule, the game will attempt to match you with arena opponents who are in a similar position to you. This means that the more games you lose, the easier your opponents become - thus improving your chances of winning them.

If you've gone 0-2, then the game will try to match you with other opponents who have also gone 0-2. Take advantage of your poor start, and get a couple of dirty wins under your belt! In fact, you'll actually find that thanks to a combination of point 1 and point 2, once you hit 0-2 you'll find it pretty damn easy to get 3 wins at least - and the reward for 3 wins is significantly better than the reward for 0 wins. At the very least, you'll have more gold towards your next run!

Three wins in Hearthstone arena

3. Massive Comebacks Feel Awesome!

There's nothing more satisfying than turning a 0-2 arena run into a 12-2 arena run! Or, if you're not at the stage where 12 wins are achievable, then this can apply to a 7-2 run, a 5-2 run or even a 3-2 run. Basically, if you manage to hit (or even beat) your regular number of wins after going 0-2 to begin with, you'll feel better than you did if you had a good start.

Crazy Arena Runs are Awesome...

...but they don't often happen. Instead of "chasing the dream" and looking for a 7-Flamestrike draft, just take each run as it comes, and never give up - if nothing else, you'll earn more gold and you'll get better at the game.

Kripp's 7 Flamestrikes!

Do You Ever End Your Arena Runs Early?

How Often Do You End Your Arena Runs?

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