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Thrillville: Off the Rails for Nintendo Wii

Updated on October 23, 2007

Game Review

I quickly found this game outright fun and addicting. It is one of the few games I have rented recently that I did not play once and then put back in the envelope to mail back. I instead kept it a few days, played it off and on when I had time, and then only mailed it back because I ordered my own copy of this game. I like the game partially because of the fun theme of it being about managing theme parks. I also love it because there is a great variety in what you can do. Not only are there a lot of mini games for you to play related to doing the attractions at your theme park(s), but even doing the managing, promotion, and cleaning of park are made into fun mini games. The game just offers so much to do and a good variety to allow for continuous fun. Additionally, the game uses the different unique capabilities of the Wiimote and nunchuck in the games to make them more fun to play than if you were playing with a normal controller. The game starts with a very useful tutorial that is doing and not just listening to what you are supposed to do in game. After the tutorial you roam the theme park doing whatever you want to make the park better and you enjoy doing most. During this time I discovered I could change theme and colors of the attractions and had tons of fun making the rides look the way I thought was cool. After doing enough stuff around the park I got to open a new park and the game just got funner. With you being able to have up to 5 parks open all with different types of things to do, the game can really entertain forever or at least for a long time.


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    • profile image

      Emile` 6 years ago

      how do u get more power?

    • profile image

      Emile` 6 years ago

      i wuz new 2 the game, so i used all my power thinking it wuz no big deal, now i don't have an power left 2 do anything

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