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Tier 3 MZL/ALGL Epic Gear Guide

Updated on April 3, 2017
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Melody is a gaming enthusiast who loves playing apps. She has played OAC for many years. Jade enjoys clowning around and mount hunting.

Epics and the Table, just chillin.
Epics and the Table, just chillin. | Source

Don't Throw The Gear In The Red Bag Away!

This guide will cover T3 gear for the following classes in this order:

  • Warrior T3
  • Monk T3
  • Mage T3
  • Ranger T3

More guides about epic gear:

When you hit level 70 you should have gotten a quest that takes you to the Angel Camp near cliff Watch. This quest leads to an angel in front of MZL. You get a red bag of what you think is crappy gear. Don't throw it away!!!! You can trade that gear for T3 pieces in Coldring!

Introduction to T3 Gear

Tier 3 is a highly sought after set, most people skip the first two tiers and head straight for tier 3. T4 is out; however, you will need either S3, T3 or gemmed, high-level Polynesia blues to survive the T4 dungeons.

T3 drops in the following dungeons:

  • MZL - Metal Ziggurat Legend
  • AGL - Abyss of Limitless Gears Legend

Flame madness in the Arcadian Forest is also considered to be a T3 dungeon. It drops epics, but the gear from FML, VTL, FOC and so fourth is not T4.

T3 gear is highly sought after, but one of the most misunderstood sets in the game. T3 drops in the form of blue gear. It is then crafted info an Epic with special patterns for T3.

This is why it is mandatory to get your crafting for your class to legendary.


  • Mages and monks are tailors
  • Warriors are blacksmiths/foundry
  • Rangers are leatherworkers

Tier 3 has set bonuses at 2 pieces and at 4 pieces. These are called gear masteries. Gear masteries are added bonuses and effects above and beyond the gear stats.

That means that you get extra bonuses for two pieces and four, not including the boots for some classes. I am not sure if it's a bug but there is at least one class which does count the boots as part of the T3 mastery set.

Boots and T3 weapons drop from end bosses or are found in the chest at the end of the dungeon.

T3 Warrior Sets

Epic t3 tank.
Epic t3 tank. | Source

Epic T3 Warrior Video Guide


There are two epic sets for warrior, one for tank and one for dps.

The tank warrior epic t3 set is:

  • Blood of Fighting Spirit's Boots
  • Blood of Fighting Spirit's Cuirass
  • Blood of Fighting Spirit's Gloves
  • Blood of Fighting Spirit's Helmet
  • Blood of Fighting Spirit's Legguards
  • Blood of Fighting Spirit's Shoulderpads

Total Set stats:

Armor: 14,772

Strength: 144

Stamina: 144

Additional armor: 1128

Block: 126

Parry: 162

Hit: 49

Dodge: 140

2 piece bonus: +80 stamina

4 piece bonus: Guardian stance and counter stance last 8 sec. more

The DPS warrior t3 set is:

Haughty Wrath of Heaven's Boots

  • Haughty Wrath of Heaven's Cuirass
  • Haughty Wrath of Heaven's Gloves
  • Haughty Wrath of Heaven's Helmet
  • Haughty Wrath of Heaven's Legguards
  • Haughty Wrath of Heaven's Shoulderpads

Set stats:

Armor: 14772

Strength: 199

Stamina: 96

Hit: 159

Crit: 234

Haste: 178

Attack power: 1316

2 piece bonus: +160 attack power

4 piece bonus: Swift strike, Vortex Blade and Sonic Slash has a 10% extra crit chance.

Epic Monk T3 Guide

Epic t3 monk in Order and Chaos Online.
Epic t3 monk in Order and Chaos Online. | Source

Epic T3 Monk Video Guide


There are two sets for monks. One for devine, and one for martial (mili).

The devine monk T3 set is:

  • Gloves of the Music of Elapsing Pain
  • Hood of the Music of Elapsing Pain
  • Robe of the Music of Elapsing Pain
  • Shoes of the Music of Elapsing Pain
  • Shoulderpads of the Music of Elapsing Pain
  • Trousers of the Music of Elapsing Pain

Set stats:

Armor: 1227

Stamina: 139

Wisdom: 215

Healing power: 463

Haste: 178

Spell crit: 174

Regen: 32 by 55ish

2 piece set bonus: +200 mama regen

4 piece set bonus: Restore, Ring of Healing and Rapid Healing cost decreased by 25%

The martial (mili) t3 set:

Gloves of Ingenious Wind's Dance

  • Hood of Ingenious Wind's Dance
  • Robe of Ingenious Wind's Dance
  • Shoes of Ingenious Wind's Dance
  • Shoulderpads of Ingenious Wind's Dance
  • Trousers of Ingenious Wind's Dance

Set stats:

Armor: 1227

Strength: 168

Agility: 215

Hit: 171

Haste: 117

Attack Power: 366

Crit: 124

Stamina: 96

2 piece set bonus: +75 Agility

4 piece set bonus: crit damage of tiger claw strike, dragon tail kick and loin king strike increased by 30%.

Epic T3 Mage Guide

Mostly epic t3 mage.
Mostly epic t3 mage. | Source

Mage T3 Video Guide


There is only one mage set. Frost and fire share one set.

The mage T3 is:

Gloves of the Mysterious Method's Heart

  • Robe of the Mysterious Method's Heart
  • Hood of the Mysterious Method's Heart
  • Shoes of the Mysterious Method's Heart
  • Shoulderpads of the Mysterious Method's Heart
  • Trousers of the Mysterious Method's Heart

Set bonuses:

Armor: 1227

Stamina: 139

Wisdom: 215

Spell hit: 273

Haste: 169

Spell power: 110

2 piece set bonus: +80 Spell Power

4 piece set bonus: Frost bolt, frost blast, fire ball, shock wave and Elemental Finishing have an extra 10% crit.

Epic Ranger T3 Guide

Best epic ranger in the game. Hi Friend!
Best epic ranger in the game. Hi Friend! | Source

Epic T3 Ranger Video Guide


There are two sets for rangers. One for assassin, and one for archer.

The assassin T3 set:

  • Boots of Sneak Attacker's Dream
  • Breastplate of Sneak Attacker's Dream
  • Gloves of Sneak Attacker's Dream
  • Hood of Sneak Attacker's Dream
  • Leggings of Sneak Attacker's Dream
  • Shoulderpads of Sneak Attacker's Dream

Armor: 2295

Stamina: 139

Agility: 156

Hit: 166

Crit: 187

Haste: 178

Attack power: 416

2 pieces: +80 critical level

4 pieces: Crit damage of shadow strike and dagger staff will be increased by 30%

The archer t3 set is:

Shadow of Psychedelic Fog's Boots

  • Shadow of Psychedelic Fog's Breastplate
  • Shadow of Psychedelic Fog's Gloves
  • Shadow of Psychedelic Fog's Hood
  • Shadow of Psychedelic Fog's Leggings
  • Shadow of Psychedelic Fog's Shoulderpads
  • Shoulderpads of Sneak Attacker's Dream

Set bonuses:

Armor: 2295

Stamina: 146

Agility: 195

Attack power: 383

Crit: 196

Haste: 215

Hit: 131

2 piece bonus: +75 agility

4 piece bonus: Cost of rapid shoot, Split Shot and snipe decreased by 20%

© 2014 Jade Griffin


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