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Tier 3 Pattern Vendors

Updated on April 5, 2017
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Melody is a gaming enthusiast who loves playing apps. She has played OAC for many years. Jade enjoys clowning around and mount hunting.

The journey to Epic is as important as being epic.
The journey to Epic is as important as being epic. | Source

Tier three patterns are bought in Coldring. Tier three patterns change the way crafting is done.

Now, instead of paying for patterns with gold, you pay with mechanichal gears. They become a special form of currency.

This game had enough forms of currency, is enough to make your mind boggle.

Mech gears must be saved up over time. Think carefully over which pattern you buy.

Monks beware!! Monks share the same vendor as mages. The first page is mage gear.

In the excitement, many monks accidentally buy mage patterns! Don't fall for it, the game is difficult enough as it is for healers.

Once you buy the pattern you can see what the mats are. However, I would not buy a pattern blind.

Instead, go look at the piece on OAC head. There you can see what they will cost you.

The first Pattern you must buy is for Epochs. This Pattern teaches you to make Essence of Epoch from Fragment of Epoch.

The Essence of Epoch is used as a material when making your Epic gear.

There are two places you can buy T3 patterns.

Epic T3 patterns in order and chaos.
Epic T3 patterns in order and chaos. | Source

Patterns in Coldring

The best place to buy patterns is in Coldring. The vendors here sell T3 patterns for mech gears.

There are also vendors who sell Epics, and vendors who trade you the blue 2.5 gear.

The vendors are located in the lower square, across the road from the mechanical mount dailies.

There are many vendors there, but only three of them sell t3 patterns.

The rest sell patterns for epic cloaks, rings and trinkets. Others trade gear and sell epic cloaks, rings and trinkets.

To get to the Pattern vendors head down the steps, and take a right just past the mail box.

Then take the first left. On your left is a giant mechanical recluse named Issa. If you are facing him the T3 patterns are sold by the three vendors to the left.

Epic T3 pattern vendors.
Epic T3 pattern vendors. | Source

Thor, Luna and Vulcan

Thor, Luna and Vulcan are the three T3 Pattern vendors. There are only the because mages and monks share the same vendor.

Thor: Mage and monk vendor. Use the tabs at the top to switch between mage, devine and mili.

Luna: Battle and guard warrior patterns.

Vulcan: Ranger assassin and archer patterns.

Remember to use the tabs to find your pattern. Trust me, if you waste gears on the wrong patterns, you will be kicking yourself for a long time!

Pattern vendors in OAC.
Pattern vendors in OAC. | Source

Alternative Pattern Locations

Thor, Vulcan and Luna are some pretty incredible dark elves. You see, they are either able to be two places at once. Or, they are lightning fast.

You can buy your patterns in front of MZl from n guess who? Thor, Luna and Vulcan.

While Issa, the mechanical recluse suggests that he can get higher prices outside of Coldring, the prices in front of MZL are the same as out front of Coldring.

Both sets of vendors are the same, so it doesn't matter where you but your T3 patterns at.

Remember, you can not buy patterns unless you have the mechanical gears and the foundry.


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T3 Pattern Costs

To make it fair Gameloft made sure that all classes and specs pay the same amount of mech gears for their patterns.

There are six total patterns. Five gear patterns and on Epoch Pattern.

The boots drop from end bosses, so there is no pattern for them. They also do not count as a set bonus.

Pattern costs are as follows (the currency is mechanical gears):

  • Essence of Epoch Patterns - 20 gears
  • Head - 49 gears
  • Shoulders - 39 gears
  • Robe - 49 gears
  • Gloves - 34 gears
  • Trousers - 49 gears
  • No boot pattern

Help I forgot crafting!

If you are ready to make Epic gear, but you neglected your foundry then you have three choices.

You can go back and farm it, but expect this to be tedious and frustrating.

You can try to win 100 point slabstones in events, but expect to give up food, sleep and your first born.

Or, you can buy 100 point slabstones from the nick shop. This is the last frustrating way, but it does cost runes.

A few haters have had negative words because I think buying crafting is easiest.

I leveled my first and second toon with no slabstones, and anyone who had done this know why I think you should just buy them.

© 2014 Jade Griffin


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