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Tiger Plush Toys Review - Hobbes, Shere-Khan - Best Children Gifts

Updated on August 16, 2011

Plush versus Nature

Plush tigers defy their real-life brethren in image and character. While tigers in nature get busy hunting, being ferocious and merciless, plush toys get lazy, lie around and epitomize cuteness and friendliness. Perhaps human nature is to blame for this discrepancy: we tend to view these seemingly harmless cats as furry, cuddly and inviting – probably because we encounter them only in the zoo. There they are being fed and cared for, unlike in nature, where they have to rely on instincts and fight for food. Still, though deprived of natural habitat, tigers in captivity ensure the survival of the species. Plush tiger toys earnestly support their counterparts from the safety of our homes.

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Plush Genes

Two types of plush toys embody the natural and the captive states: one, realistic (National Geographic derived), and another, schematic, possessing only the most salient features. Which kind of tiger will suit your child better depends on his or her age, taste and environmental awareness. Usually, the last two grow with the age, so a realistic crouching tiger may, in time, substitute the cute cub of the early years. Most plush tigers feature the usual orange-white-black coloring – but there is a really exciting variety of the black and white tiger. This variety carries a special plush gene that alters its coat and colors the eyes blue.

Celebrity Tigers

The popularity of plush tigers can be explained by wide use of these animals in literature. There is Shere Khan from Rudyard Kipling's Jungle Book, the Tigger from A. A. Milne's Winnie-the-Pooh, Hobbes from Bill Waterson's comics Calvin and Hobbes, and more. As these literature works show, fictional tigers can display all kinds of qualities, and it is really up to the children to invest their plush friends with their unique set of character traits. Either way, plush tigers are known for their exceptional tolerance and will even allow to be pulled by the tail (when in good mood).


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    • Elijah S profile image

      Elijah S 8 years ago from Europe

      Thanks, that makes two of us!

    • anyabluesky profile image

      anyabluesky 8 years ago from Thailand

      Nice Hub ...

      I also a big fan of plush toy :)