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Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2013 Xbox 360 Kinect Game Review

Updated on August 3, 2012

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods is finally back on his A game at the golf course after years following the fallout of his nasty divorce case and sex scandals. Surpassing Jack Nicklaus' in PGA Tour victories at the AT&T National. Now that Tiger has gotten his groove back, it is time for you to strut you stuff on the golf course too! Xbox 360 Kinect has revolutionized gaming and for the first time in the sports gaming history taken the controller out off your hands and put you into your favorite country club.

Game Review Xbox 360 Kinect

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2013 for Xbox 360 Kinect takes the virtual gaming world to the next level. Putting the club into your hands and allowing you to face off against the greats currently dominating the golf world. The Kinect allows gamers to operate the game via hand movements and voice commands. The Kinect creates a virtual golfing environment which allows you to emulate your favorite golfers (or create your own golfer) and tee off.

This year's edition has added Tiger Legacy which let you relive Tiger Wood's finest moments. The feature is pretty cool but lacks to hold the attention of the older game users.

Swing Tutorial

Kinect Controls

At first it was difficult understanding how to operate a video game without use of a traditional controller. But upon understanding how to operate the game turned into a fun filled activity. A key aspect to remember is that you must not swing towards the kinect sensor but swing to the left or right with your feet in front of you.

The game allows users to select feature via hand movements and/or voice commands. To start one can "aim shot" and position their shot to the desired location. One can also "change club" based on distance and conditions. While teeing off the user is able to create spin on the ball by moving their fists directionally. One of the most useful features is the "putt preview" which can be used only once per stroke. This allows users to see where their putt is projected to go. The game also has an "ask caddie" feature which I don't deem very effective.

For the golf amateur to the seasoned vet the motion movements of Kinect allow a golfing experience that is the closest thing to actually hitting up your local country club. For those who have fear of the new Kinect technology do not fret Xbox has allowed the game to still be fully functional on traditional xbox 360 controls. These controls are a bit more complex than the motion controls but still allow for an awesome gameplay.


I was extremely impressed by the realistic graphics of this game which (from personal experience on these courses) greatly details the aspects of the courses. The golfers appears very life like and the replay feature increases that sensation. Yes, on occasion the Kinect may not pick up a swing but for the most part it is spot on and gameplay is effortless. Once you master the controls of Xbox 360 Kinect you will never want to pick up another controller again!

This is great fun for serious golfers and families alike.

I recommend this game for 13+ for sports fans.

Where to Buy?

The cheapest place to purchase Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2013 brand new is at for half off the list price!

If you wish to test the game out, I suggest you spend $2 and rent it at your local Redbox location.

Who is your favorite golfer?

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