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Tigers will Make Babies Go to the Bathtub Instantly

Updated on November 8, 2017
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Probir is a content writer with ample experience in various domains. He hails from Kolkata, India

People want to wash their babies with the best sponge available and Tigers from Bathtime Buddies is probably the best bath sponge available baby bath accessory in the market. The Tigers are cute and they’re so soft that even fast scrubbing does not cause any rashes on the kids’ skin. Moreover, as they look like a toy, babies just love to keep staring it while getting scrubbed, without having to cry to get rid of the boring bath time.

The Major Attributes of Bathtime Buddies Tigers

  • The only baby bath product that comes with a guaranteed assurance of being soft on kids’ skins.
  • Made of Soft terry cloth and Soft Natural Sisal Exfoliating Sponge.
  • BPA free.
  • Great Baby Shower Gift!
  • The Tigers bath sponge have a convenient drying loop
  • Does not get discolored when used with liquid or bar soap.
  • Baby Bath Sponge as well as Baby Bath Toy, two in one!
  • Handmade tiger sponge, Natural Exfoliating Sponge, Soft, Functional.

Your kids will definitely LOVE the gift from Bathtime Buddies. A Handmade Natural Exfoliating Tigers Bath Sponge is the best way to clean babies’ skins without hurting them even a little bit.

Tigers are made of high-quality material such as soft terry and antibacterial sponge. It also includes hanging cords to make them dry fast after washing. It is a great baby shower gift for anyone having kids at home.

Happy Bathtime!!!!


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