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Spending too much idle time online? Turn that into cash via Paypal for free - The new Internet Secret.

Updated on August 17, 2010's new Rewards Partner has a new rewards partner that pays its members via cash (paypal or bank transfer) or free products as a finder's fee to fill out surveys, free offers, trials, or even play games on their website. The rewards program gets paid when members visit their advertisements or fill out surveys etc, and then the members in turn get paid for their activity. It may sound odd, but its really easy to follow once you jump in - and best of all, you only need to be 13+ years of age (with parents permission under 18) and have an email address (obviously you can make one on if you do not already have one).

So wait, how does this work?

Well it is really simple and only requires about 15 seconds before you get started. All of the information can be found at:

There is even a FAQ (frequently asked questions section) and testimonial section so that you can see what other members are earning right now. By signing up via this website, you will automatically get 250 free points which can be used to shop for products immediately - best of all, the rewards site will send you a free $1 bill in the mail (US addresses only of course) to prove that they are dedicated in bringing you the best rewards site on the net that is affiliated with And, since it doesn't require anything to sign up other than an email address and 13+ years of age... you can try it for yourself and if you don't like it, there is no obligation to continue. To good to be true? thinks not.

What can I earn? How?

Once you sign up through the above address you can start earning right away. You will automatically be given 250 free rewards points which can be used like cash to buy products. If you would rather earn cash instead of points, you can just click the button on the top left of your screen and switch to the cash platform instead of points (about 100 points equals $1). For me, earning points was what I started with so I stuck with it - and earned myself 1600 free Microsoft Points which I just used to Unlock Battlefield 1943 on Xbox Live Arcade.

Members earn Microsoft Points regularly - among other things.
Members earn Microsoft Points regularly - among other things.

How much can I earn?

How much you earn is truly up to you - members have the opportunity to earn $1000's but its really up to how much you want to put into it in terms of time. There is no monetary or credit card obligations.. all you need is an email address and be 13+ years of age as stated before. It is quite simple and they are 100% dedicated in bringing you the best service possible. Go to:

Once you join up feel free to chat in the shout box on the left side of your screen. Admins and other members such as myself will be there chatting and trading earning secrets on how to earn even more. Good hunting!

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    • JacobArensus profile image

      JacobArensus 7 years ago

      This still works! The weebly was just moved to a new domain named and the members are growing. We are now over 1.33 million in total.