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Timeless Toys Every Kid Should Have

Updated on April 2, 2012

A Toy is more than a plaything

A growing child has a large number of memories associated with each toy that he has played with before he moved on to the next. As a parent I have seen my child move from simple toys that did nothing beyond just sitting there, to much more complicated remote controlled toys that could do a number of cool things.

Some of these toys lasted months, others merely a couple of weeks before the novelty of the toy wore off and it was relegated to the bottom of the toy basket. Buying a toy should not be taken lightly by a parent. It needs to be safe, it needs to be educational and it needs to be fun for the child.

Play and Learn

Nothing beats educational toys when used well to teach the child his basics. Personally I loved the "Stack the Rings", and "Building Blocks" for preschoolers. These are timeless classics that even I have played with as a kid.

The toys help muscle and eye coordination, build motor skills and reasoning ability as they allow the child to develop a sense of perspective, and lets him learn how to balance things one on top of another. Not to mention how many hours of fun the child can derive playing with these toys.

As the child's world expands and he gets more curious about his body its a good idea to introduce him to "MR Potato Head". Now he can learn more about each individual body part, its name, its function and so on. Not to mention the fun that he can have sticking the wrong part into the slots of Mr Potato Head.

Thomas the Tank Engine

The interactive website is amazing
The interactive website is amazing | Source

Cartoon Characters also make lasting passions

There are some toys that transcend the boundaries set by time. Dolls that have been played with by generations of girls in the family, or train sets that boys have used down the years are common.

One such character would be Thomas the Tank Engine. The little blue train has been enticing generations of children and also manages to teach them to be better human beings. The stories are always full of little morals that the child can inculcate in himself.

Of course the basic books have now evolved into a TV show, and plenty of movies. Still the animated versions do retain the basic essence of the original books. They also have a website where the kids of today can play games with their favorite characters.

Puzzles can be enlightening

The human mind enjoys being challenged and puzzles are a great way to challenge kids. These can be in the form of "Jigsaw Puzzles", number and logic based puzzles like "Sudoko", or word based puzzles like "Crosswords".

A growing child needs physical activity and games to help build up a healthy body, but he also need mental stimulation to help build a healthy mind. The flexibility and agility of the mind can be helped greatly by sitting and solving puzzles.

Solving the "Rubik's Cube" can also be a challenge that you can give your child. The simple device is a timeless classic puzzle that can often stump the most intelligent of people you know. I remember my son was distraught that he could not get all the pretty colors back in one plane on the cube after he mixed it all up. Of course at age 3 he was probably too young to have solved it anyhow.

Classic Board Games

As a child grows the individual play becomes team play. The social animal is likely to want to play with many of its friends together. The rules in the play become more stringent and the challenges also get more difficult.

It is here that board games can become a great opportunity for the child to develop more skills. Listed here are some classic board games that have been around for ages and don't seem to want to fade away any time soon.


With word building skills that the child will need all his life, this game also teaches you the best way to optimize the alphabet tiles you have.


if you are looking to make your fortune in real estate this is the game to play. I remember spending countless hours in summer holidays playing this game with my cousins and parents.

Chinese Chekers

The concept of getting all your pegs all the way to the opponents area is nothing short of waging an all out battle. This here is a timeless classic that can help develop logical thinking many steps ahead.


If you are looking for a game to plan and plot your moves chess is the answer. Of course its not as much fun as Harry Potter's moving and magical chess pieces but there is also no death penalty if you happen to lose the match.


We used to play this old submarine game with old mathematics copies and pencils, but now you have a game set that is ready to use. Not to mention a whole lot more fun cause you get all kinds of cool ships that you can sink.

Scotland Yard

While this may not be quite as old as the others it is fast moving into the classic lane. To catch a thief is always interesting and some fancy bit of detection is required along with some impressive team play to catch Mr X.

The Game of Life

While this may not be a classic that everyone is familiar with the concepts that the game shares really does make you feel like you are playing a whole lifetime. The style of life you choose can truly determine just how far you can go.


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    • JamaGenee profile image

      Joanna McKenna 5 years ago from Central Oklahoma

      I thought perhaps it might be because many religions consider card playing at any age a "sin". Glad to know in your case leaving it out was simply an oversight. ;D

    • cashmere profile image

      cashmere 5 years ago from India

      A Pack of Cards is again a classic that I missed! Thanks for the reminder... A simple pack of cards can provide endless hours of entertainment.

    • JamaGenee profile image

      Joanna McKenna 5 years ago from Central Oklahoma

      When my grandson was 15-18 months old, he was perfectly content for hours on end with a couple of plastic cooking spoons, a plastic colander, a large plastic bowl, and a plastic laundry basket. The bowl, overturned, would be a drum and the spoons his drumsticks when he felt like being a "musician". The colander would be a helmet and a spoon his sword for "soldiering". The basket was a "wagon" for hauling everything from room-to-room.

      I'm surprised you didn't mention card games. When my daughters were little, we played "War" because holding cards wasn't necessary. When they were old enough to hold cards and spread them in their hand, we moved up to "Go Fish". Once they became bored with that, they were allowed to sit in with the adults and learn to play "Spades", a less "posh" variation of Bridge, and a great way for kids to learn logic, strategy, and thinking on one's feet. That they were mostly straight A students from elementary school on through college is in part due to the skills they learned playing cards!

      Voted up and awesome! ;D

    • cashmere profile image

      cashmere 5 years ago from India

      Thank you Marcy. I remember the old Lego set I had too. It was just a whole lot of blocks you could make into anything you want. Not like the specialized ones we see nowadays where each part is needed to make the car or design.

    • Marcy Goodfleisch profile image

      Marcy Goodfleisch 5 years ago from Planet Earth

      I like the classics, too - and I so miss the original Tinker Toys and the Lego sets we had years ago that didn't come with all the gadgets and schematics (we actually had to think and build our own designs). The board game list you included is classic, too!

      Love the hub! Voted up, useful and interesting.