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Tips To Cleaning And Maintaining Your Pool Table

Updated on December 27, 2016
Plastic Table Cover - For 7ft Table
Plastic Table Cover - For 7ft Table

Congratulations, you're now the proud owner of a beautiful new pool table. You just shelled out hundreds, thousands or maybe even five figures for a custom hand crafted pool table. With proper care and maintenance, you can expect your new pool table to function well and look great for years and even decades to come. The purpose of this article is to give you tips on cleaning and maintaining your new pool table.

Keeping your pool table clean should be priority one. It's a good practice to dust at least twice per month. Dusting your pool weekly is even better. A feather duster works well when cleaning wood surfaces.

To preserve or restore the natural beauty of the wood finish, you'll want to use a cleaner that will leave little or no filmy residue behind. Lemon or orange oil works best for this purpose. You can also use a light wax product on your pool table. If using a wax product, make sure you thoroughly buff off residual wax to prevent the trim on your pool table from becoming sticky.

During regular cleaning, make sure you don't ignore the pockets. Dirt and debris can collect in the pockets and therefore potentially damage your pool balls. What many pool table owners don't realize is that any scratches, dents or knicks on your pool balls can adversely affect the performance of your game. If your pool table has leather pockets, a mild saddle soap or leather oil works great to keep them soft and prevent cracking. Also while inspecting your pool tables pockets, check for any tacks or staples that may have come loose. Sharp edges from tacks and staples can also cause damage to your pool balls.

The most important part of your pool table to maintain is the playing surface. Over time, the cloth or felt can become dusty, stained, scratched or torn from pool cues. Every time pool balls roll across dusty or dirty cloth, it pushes the dust and dirt deeper into the cloth where it can eventually cause permanent damage to the pool tablecloth and thus effecting your game To keep your pool table surface dust, dirt and stain free, you would be wise to invest in a pool table cover. When purchasing a cover, be sure to buy one that's guards against UV light and resists moisture.

If you're buying a new pool table or replacing the cloth, make sure the cloth is fairly thick and coarse. Pool table cloth with a nylon and wool blend is best. This will have an impact on how the pool balls move across the playing surface. The best way to break in your pool table cloth is buy brushing it often. When brushing the cloth or felt, you want to be sure to brush it in the same direction every time. Brushing in a circular or other patterns can cause damage to the cloth's fibers. You can also use a vacuum to achieve the same results. Just be sure to use an upholstery attachment and consistently vacuum in the same direction just as you would with a brush. Other little things you can do to reduce wear and tear on your pool table cloth is to alternate which ends of the pool table you rack and break the balls to begin a game. This will result in a more even wearing of the cloth. Also eliminate excessive rolling of the balls while in the rack. Doing this will keep the cloth's fibers from bending into unnatural pattern and thus effecting how the balls roll across the playing surface.

Other seemingly small things you can do while playing to keep your pool table clean and damage free is to never chalk your pool cue over the cloth playing surface. As tiny particles of chalk accumulate on the cloth, the chalk dust can become ingrained in the cloth and therefore causing permanent damage. Do not allow anyone to sit on the edges of your pool table. Doing so can cause damage to the rails and cushions which will greatly effect your game. Damaging the rails and/or cushions on your pool table is like the picture tube going out on your television. You might as well throw it out and buy a new pool table. Also putting excessive weight on the pool table while making shots over time can cause damage to the playing surface, especially if the playing surface is made of cheaper particle board or plywood. Though very strong and durable, even a slate playing surface can crack if enough weight is places upon it. Putting excessive weight on your pool table can also result in your table becoming unbalanced. Keep food and beverages away from your pool table. Not only do stains ruin the appearance of your pool table but they can also damage the cloth and effecting your game. A pub table is a great addition to a game room or pool parlor for keeping your snacks and drinks well away from your pool table. If your table is in a room where it's exposed to direct sunlight, you might consider buying blinds that block UV rays. Direct UV light can seriously damage the wood finish as well as the cloth of your pool table. Keeping the pool balls clean and well maintained can reduce the chances the cloth being damages. A mild soapy solution works well in keeping pool balls clean and residue free.

Once your pool table is assembled, you'll want to avoid moving the table as much as possible. Moving the table can compromise the structural integrity of your table and put great stress on many parts of your pool table, including the slate, frame, legs and rails. If it's absolutely necessary to move your pool table, you would be well advised to have a professional move it for you. This will reduce the chances of damage. In addition, a professional can level the pool table after it's moved.

With proper care, any pool table can last a lifetime and remain looking great. I hope you have found this article to be helpful. Your comments and suggestions are both appreciated and welcomed. Happy pool playing to you.


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    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Am still looking for tips to clean the table. How do you clean it with what

    • profile image

      Tabitha Oscorp 

      9 years ago

      If you do need to move it though, make sure you get at least 4 guys to help so you don't break off the trimming while struggling.


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