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3 Excellent Tips To Carry Bronze Elo - League Of Legends

Updated on October 12, 2016

Who Am I? & Introduction

Hello, fellow League Of Legends player. You might be very curious to know the most effective tips to carry Bronze Elo and dive straight into silver. It does not matter if you are in low Bronze or high , this will work for you. It could even work for players who are a part of Low Elo.

All you have to do in exchange for really great information is to give me your time and utmost focus. If you concentrate and follow my tips, you will no doubt be climbing higher in the rankings. You might also be interested in reading my Guide To Carry Bronze and Tips To Carry Low Elo guides.

Now, let me say a few things about me so you get to know me better. I go by the username Fl1pz in League Of Legends and I am in Platinum V (still climbing). A player in Platinum may not sound so great to get advice from, but surprisingly only 8.14% of the League Of Legends community is in Platinum. Shocking, right? Do not worry, I was really shocked too once I found out.

Moving along, I have played this game since Season 4 and I have loved it ever since. Other than playing League Of Legends, I also enjoy playing the new game called Paladins and Counter Strike Condition Zero. Aside from playing video games, I take pleasure in reading and writing. I have no idea why I enjoy doing these activities, but I do. Well, now that you know some information about me, we can now continue to my guide!

Tier Lists

The first tip is to look for the current patch's best Champion tier list. Champion tier lists basically arrange Champions in categories according to how strong they are in the game (currently). The categories can go from God Tier, Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3, Tier 4 and so on.

From here, you are able to pick off the overpowered Champions from the many in League Of Legends. Moreover, there are many websites that give you this information, such as nerfplz and rankedboost. Hey now, do not be worried about downloading or signing up. These websites are completely free and are easily accessible.

Now, before looking at the highest tier Champions, try finding the Champions you mostly play and which tier they are in. Depending on which class they are in, you can decide to stop playing that Champion or continue. In my opinion, anything Tier 2 and above are good Champions to play in the current meta. But the choice is definitely all yours. Aside from talking about the lists, you do not have to follow or agree with whatever information is in these websites.

If you think a Champion in a low tier is still great to play, keep playing that Champion. I mean, if there is any chance, you could be right and the website wrong. However, I just highly prefer you to play Champions according to these websites because it has helped me climb through the rankings pretty quickly. These websites also contain other information about Patch notes, so you should definitely check that section out too. I hope you find these Champion tier lists helpful, because I am pretty sure they will do you good.

God Tier
Tier 1
Tier 2
Highest Influence
Strong / Preferred Choices
Viable / Balanced Choices

Here are the three highest Champion tiers that I recommend using. Coming from God Tier, Tier 1 and finally Tier 2.

Tier 3
Tier 4
Needs More Skill
Low Benefits

Then here are the two lowest Champion tiers, that I highly suggest you never playing. Of course, it is just my opinion and you do not have to listen to me or agree. Coming from Tier 3 to Tier 4.

Here is an example of a Champion tier list put into a video. Keep in mind that this video is not owned by me and was created by the YouTuber: Phylol. Thank you and make sure you check his channel out.

Farming CS

The second tip in carrying in the Bronze Elo is to practice farming CS. This is one of the big troubles I see many Bronze players having. The reason is of how they think farming minion creeps / monster camps are not very important and have little effect.

Everyone, let me tell you that farming creeps are very important. Of course, maybe only a few minions might only be able to get you one or two health potions, but imagine two-hundred or three-hundred minions. You will be able to buy expensive items if you can farm this much. But, what matters most is not just simply getting lots of CS, but the amount of CS you get past a certain time.

In the late game phase, most players will already be full build and the very few players who will need to continue farming are just the ones behind. So if you are already full build late game, it won't really matter how much CS you have because nothing will change. On the other hand, if it was early game - mid game and you have farmed mostly well. You would obviously be able to gain more items than someone who does not really mind missing creeps. Therefor, with more items, this gives you the advantage to dominate lane and carry your teammates.

Moreover, if your enemy laner is great at farming, you will definitely not be at the disadvantage, because you will have the same amount of CS your opponent has. Putting that aside, if you push your lane far into the enemy turret, you can try taking some monster camps from your jungle. Or if you are really ahead during that time, you can go into the enemy jungle and take some monster camps while waiting for the enemy laner's minions to push. Maybe if you are really lucky, you will meet a weak enemy player while in the enemy jungle.


When climbing Bronze Elo, it might take you a really long time to reach Silver. Make sure to not rush your ranked games. Anyone who does so will most likely not gain anything. Also, you have to carefully look at your ranked games one by one and try to think about the mistakes you have done. When you have found your mistakes, make sure to not do them the very next ranked game.

Moreover, just keep practicing and practicing. There is no better way to improve in League Of Legends than just practicing. You can try playing in normals to try new Champions. Widen your Champion pool just incase the enemy team bans your main Champions. Additionally, you can also try finding ranked partners in normal games. Pick out the great players in your team and the enemy team and rank with them. Check out their match history page first though, you never know if that person is only good with one Champion.

There are also League Of Legends group chats solely for finding ranked partners. You can search them up easily online in Google or anywhere else. Putting everything aside, you can't improve in League Of Legends overnight. Be very patient and take time when playing your games. Gradually, you will improve in mechanics, reaction timing, and knowledge. Do not be bothered with your higher ranked friends if they tease you because everyone is different. Some players might be better than you with only little experience in the game, but others take time to develop their understanding. Patience is key.

Good Game, Well Played

Well congratulations Summoner! You have completed my three excellent tips on improving in League Of Legends. Make sure to follow them and you will surely get better at the game in time. If you want to check out my other Hubs and guides, you can look into my HubPages Profile where you are able to see them all.

My other Low Elo and Bronze Elo guides can definitely help you improve your gameplay. The best part about them is that they are all free to read. You do not have to pay a single dime! Moreover, I would like to thank you for giving me and this list of tips a chance. I really hope you get to your goal and continue to strive higher. Thank you once again and have a really amazing day, Summoner!

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