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Tips On How To Get Pokémon Event Eggs From The Shelter - Pokefarm

Updated on April 25, 2012
Only a few refreshes and I found an Aqua-Shinx (a common event but not everyone has one)
Only a few refreshes and I found an Aqua-Shinx (a common event but not everyone has one) | Source

Just A Few Tips for Event Collecting

So you are going through someone's party on pokefarm, and they have a pokémon or egg with a little green pokeball in the extra information column. You think it looks cool so you want one yourself but don't know where or how to get one. Let me help with that as I never won any events and I don't trade for them (As of the time this is written, and I prefer getting the egg dex for everything). First stop on this journey towards getting event eggs/pokémon, the Shelter.

The shelter is where all the abandoned or extra daycare eggs go if their owner doesn't collect it. They are sent either at server reset or after the user gets an egg from the daycare, so there are many eggs put in the shelter each day. If you are looking for event eggs there are certain things you should be aware of before you go searching willy nilly.

Place: The place I already told you but just wanted to double check you knew where to go. It's the shelter and located right on the navigation bar under the logo. It is best to buy shelter passes as soon as you can so you don't get to your limit before you get halfway through the day. Then you are stuck with a warning saying you adopted as many eggs/pokémon as you can that day and you lose whatever you were trying to get.

Time: The time you go to the shelter is just as important as making sure you eat food regularly (not really, just making sure you understand it is important). The server reset time is a good time to remember for you, Eastern Time resets at 7pm, as it makes a new day and all the eggs get put in the shelter at this time. They are released over the course of the day, but that first half hour to an hour after server reset is when most events are in large quantity compared to other times I have looked for event eggs.

Patience: This could take awhile so make sure you have another tab that you can refresh to keep yourself online while you look. Never get bored and half look at eggs, I can count on 5 hands the amount of times I lost an event egg because I hit the refresh button before seeing the egg I was looking for. Keep your eyes open and your trigger happy finger off the refresh button just in case. Sometimes I can find one in five minutes or less but it usually takes me longer, especially now that I have most of the ones on my list.

Ignore the others: You are after event eggs, not a shinx or dratini so ignore those. Some eggs that are rarely seen in the shelter or ones you really want but can barely ever find are ok if you have room in your party. Events are kinda special though and some can show up only once in a blue moon slugma (that is an event pun I just thought up, blue moon slugma is a blue slugma and I have only seen one egg in the shelter).

Party: If you are after more than one event, try putting pokémon in your party instead of eggs, they can be switched out when you find an event but if people click you they get clicked while you are looking. If you don't want to have to switch out or don't care about getting others clicked, just keep one or two pokémon in your party and the rest of the slots empty.

As always, I am ''Prof Oakley'' on pokefarm so look me up if you need help. I may not like PM's but if I can answer a question I'd be glad to help, just don't chit chat or ask for trades, I don't do that :)


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      6 years ago

      You can actually save the egg that you want for next time by going to page where it says click to continue or cancel, then leave it there. The egg will still be there until you pick it up or something.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      If it helps any, I often make sure I'm not getting ripped off with an egg that has a desription that makes it sound special, like a chinchou or a shinx. A really helpful thing I use is Which at the bottom contains a list of event eggs. Thanks to that list I managed to get a Messenger Dratini, a Sunnie Buneary, Summer Turtwig and other cool events~


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