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Tips and tricks in Minecraft

Updated on August 30, 2013

Minecraft PC

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It is not always possible to find coal in the first day, which causes you to be left in the dark during the night with many monsters. The solution is to chop some extra (raw) wood (without changing them all into wood planks). Create a workbench and a stove and cook the wood in the furnace (both top and bottom should be raw wood) and the furnace will turn it into charcoal. Charcoal has the same function as normal coal and you can also make torches from them. This should be enough to light up your surroundings.

Garbage disposing

One of the most useful objects is a bucket. A bucket can be crafted with 3 iron ingots and can be filled with water or lava. You can use lava as a garbage disposal and throw away unwanted items. Simply dig a 1 x 1 block and pour the lava from the bucket into the hole. To drop the item, select it so that it is in your hand, stand in front of the lava hole and press the “Q” button. The item will now be thrown in the lava and burn. You can also use a cactus as a garbage disposal by standing in front of it with the unwanted item and again selecting the “Q” button.

Safe obsidian mining

It is easier and safer to mine obsidian while standing in water. Obsidian occurs where lava meets water which makes mining obsidian a bit risky. To make it safer, dig a 1 x 1 block near the obsidian and pour the water from the bucket into the hole. Now mine the obsidian that is adjacent to the water while standing in the water yourself. Should you now come across lava while mining the obsidian, the water will turn it immediately into obsidian without getting burned.

Water tricks

Source water blocks (often found in caves) can be shut off by placing cobblestone or dirt in the hole where the water comes out or you can place a torch in the hole to stop the water from flowing.

Use water to clear objects like grass, cobwebs and rails (found in mineshafts). You can also use water (in a bucket) to climb straight walls: use (right-click) the water bucket and aim it above you and swim up and quickly reclaim the water and place it back above you. Do this until you have reached the top. It is not easy to do but once you get the hang of is, it makes climbing a lot easier. You can also use water to go down steep areas by simply using the water to go down and go down the water stream. Reclaiming the water in this option is not possible so you will have to re-fill the water again later.


Enchanting can make your tools and armor stronger and more usable. The best level to create diamond boots with “feather falling” is level 26. The “feather falling” enchantment cause you to take less fall damage.

To enchant a book with “silk touch” is between 15 and 20. The “silk touch” enchantment mines objects without changing their structure. When mining smooth stone with a “silk touch” pick the block will not change into cobblestone but remain smooth stone. Also you can mine iceblocks for further use without it being melted into water when mining.

Mining a grass block with the “silk touch” pick will leave the grass on the dirt block. This is handy to use when you want to create grass underground. Place the dirt blocks adjacent to only one grass block and the grass will automatically spread over the dirt over time without needing sunlight. It will spread faster when using some torches to light the room.


Enderman will attack you when you look at them, which can make mining next to an Enderman quite annoying. They do not attack you when you wear a pumpkin on your head, although wearing the pumpkin provokes good sight.

Enderman drop enderpearls which can be used for different purposes. Killing an Enderman is easier by hitting their feet. For protection you can build a ceiling of stone or dirt just above you so that they cannot reach you but you can still hit them by their feet. You can use enderpearls to teleport yourself to the location that you throw the enderpearl in. You can craft an “eye of ender” with the enderpearl that can be used to find a stronghold and to create the portal to “The End”.

Quick Tips

  • Use signs to block off water and lava
  • Fishing is faster when done while it is raining outside
  • The best level to mine diamonds is level 10 to 12. Press the F3 button to see the “eye position” which is the level you are on.
  • Gold can be found from level 29 and below.
  • Create a fenced area without a gate needed by placing a nether brick fence between the wooden fences to function as a gate. You can then walk into the gated area without opening anything but mobs cannot move in or out.


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