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Tips and tricks in The Sims 3

Updated on February 14, 2014

Downloading extra materials

There are several websites that offer download materials for The Sims 3.

Types of downloads
From several websites you can download the following:

  • Lots / houses/ appartments
  • Furniture
  • Decorations
  • Skins
  • Modified objects

Modified objects
Modified objects are objects (called "mods") that can have extra functionalities when using them. For example: it could be an item that when you use it, it will bring back your sims' needs to full. For these objects it is very important that you follow the installation instructions.

From the Sims 3 Exchange
If you download something from the Sims 3 website (, you can download materials directly into the launcher of your Sims 3 game and install it as well for direct use.

From other websites
If you should download materials from other websites, make sure they are safe and find instructions on how to (manually) install the downloads. Also it is important to look if your download needs a specific expansion pack.


Within the game itself you can use so-called "cheat codes" to help your Sims in their daily lives a bit. To use these cheats, first type "Ctrl + Shift + c" (at the same time). You will then see a bar appearing in the upper screen. In this bar you can type various codes, such as:

  • Kaching (gives you 1000 Simoleons)
  • Motherlode (gives you 50.000 simoleons)
  • Help (gives you a list with all the cheat codes available)
  • Freerealestate (when you buy a piece of land or house now, you don't have to pay anything for it)

Should something go wrong, you can just type the "ESc" button to leave the cheat bar and go back to the game.

Objects in inventory

Some of the items available in The Sims 3 game can be placed in your inventory so you can have them with you at all times. To place the object in your inventory place it on the floor and go into the "play" mode. Select your backpack/inventory and drag the object with the mouse button into your inventory.

The following objects can be placed in your inventory:

  • Guitar
  • Bass
  • Piano
  • Books
  • Laptop
  • Car
  • Bike
  • Food items
  • Seeds

With every expansion pack, more items are made available to place in your inventory.

Writing books is easy money!

Believe it or not, but writing books is your best option to an indoor high-paying career. To start this career, all you need is a computer or laptop. The laptop is preferred, as you can take it with you in the inventory. Should you not have the finances to buy a computer yet, you can also use the computers in the library until you can afford one of your own.

Which genre?
When starting to write a book, you will have to choose a genre. In the beginning not all genres are available yet, more will be available once you have written more books. A (science) fiction book takes less time in writing, but will also pay less. Writing a romantic novel is worth the most money, but takes longer to write then other books.

For every page you write you receive a small amount of money, but this is not much.The rest of your income comes from the royalties. Royalties is the money you get paid every week, for 6 weeks long, after you have finished your book. How better received your book is according to the publisher, the more royalties you also receive.

The cash cow
Once you have reached the highest level in the writing skill, you will get the maxium of royalties. This means that you could earn per book about 30.000 to 40.000 Simoleons. Since by that time you would be able to write more than one book per week, you will be able to earn a lot of money, and never even leaving your house for it.

Having babies

A few tips on babies:

Boy or girl?
There is a trick to increase your chances of having a boy or girl by having them eat certain food(s).
If you want your Sim to have a boy, have her eat apples. If you want your Sim to have a girl, have her eat watermelons.

Multiple babies
The chance of having twins or even triplets is very small, but there is an opportunity to buy the "Fertility Treatment" once you have acumulated sufficient Lifetime points. Once you have the fertility treatment, your chances of having multiple babie increase a lot.

No aging

You can set the Game options so that your Sims will age at a slower rate or that they do not age at all. Note that when you do not allow your Sims to age, all of the Sims in the household will not age, also any babies that you have. Then it is better to allow more time for your Sims to age. The maximum is 960 days total, which is a lot already.

To change the aging settings :

  • Go to Options, then to Game options
  • You can check or uncheck the "enable aging" if you want
  • You can also decide the "change lifespan" by moving the aging bar with the wanted number of days. (the "enable aging" button then needs to be checked)


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    • Amanda108 profile image

      Amanda 3 years ago from Michigan, United States

      I didn't know the tip about how to have a boy or a girl by eating certain fruit, thanks!